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O Taliban December 17, 2014

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O Taliban,
Those who massacred children demonstrated valor, right?
Those mothers who lost their precious, deserved it, right?
This is your culture, the great Pakhtoon tradition, right?
This is business of religion, right?
Each one of those 6 who killed are now celebrating with angels, right?
This is the way to teach value of emotions to Army, right?
Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong.
This is the road to darkness, the opposite of enlightenment.
This is about becoming beast and not embracing beauties.
This is shockingly dreadful, hideous and disgusting, an antithesis of culture.
This is not a God’s business, this is a bloodsucking dance of perverts.
How far would you go? Would you now rip-open pregnant women and kill lives yet to see light of the day?
In your quest to do rarest of the rare, what is that next gruesome act which would quench your thirst? What is that? Tell me, tell this world.
You are heartless
You are merciless
You are murderers
O Taliban, no Taliban
May you all perish.
May your souls never be at peace, may they haunt your loved ones.
Death to you Taliban. Death to you.

The Wrong Turn? My foot August 6, 2014

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My attention was drawn to this completely insane and brazen act of gaining public attention by some so called photographer – Raj Shetye. This man just can’t be a photographer, photographers are not insensitive. He can’t be a man, he can’t be even an animal and definitely whatever he is – he is not any better than those who committed the rape.

It is all about selfishness, greed at cost of others, that is the commonality between those rapists and this photographer. This man, Raj Shetye has a cheek to say that it was not inspired by “Nirbhaye Gangrape Case” – what was it inspired by in that case please? Your fantasies? Your sick, rapist fantasies? Ridiculous. Equally ridiculous is participation of each model, fashion coordinator and everyone else involved in this. They all are soulless, lifeless individuals who would like to make money at any cost.

The least which can be done by Mr. Raj Shetye is to auction all his cameras and promise never to buy or borrow another. Sell all his collections and donate every single rupee to the cause of rape victims. Deplored.

Sleep and Business July 24, 2014

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My Sleep gets disturbed several times every night, these days. The feeling that you have been wronged is almost as bad as the feeling that you have been unfairly sued. It took me a long time to get over that feeling and now this, isn’t it too much? Yes it is.
Many a times, I have found myself unaware of perils of having faith and keeping belief, only to be woken up with a big hole in my pockets and permanent scars on my brain. What it does to my heart, I rather not go there. Business and being an entrepreneur makes for a very arduous long and, at times, discomforting life. Something like, you were just about to take your first meal of the day at 6:00 PM and a crow snatched it away from you, forever, between your hands and your mouth. Hurts.

Difficulty of Remaining Good July 24, 2014

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Remaining good in adverse circumstances is very challenging and I am finding it exactly like that at this stage.

I just don’t want anyone to make me look towards them with hostile eyes, it is very difficult for me. At times when people insist, my hostility can’t only remain limited to my eyes, it is a fallout of my soul itself. It gets too messy.

Difficulty of remaining good can be a horrendous task at times.

Looking at Sun – Sunset at Bakrota June 27, 2014

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Sunset at Dalhousie

When you wait with your camera…

I never get bored of shooting sunsets, every evening unfolds hundred of options, to me it is like photography opportunities flying all around you and there is no way you can grab all.


Weight of the world – Profile of a Wood Collector June 24, 2014

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Firewood – A day between cooking & collecting wood for cooking


No one would buy these flowers and she has no need for them. What she needs is wood to fire her kitchen. I saw here walking alone, load was surely heavy but her stride was steady.

Location: 500 meters stone – Kala Top,  Dalhousie-Khajjiar Road,   Himachal Pradesh, India



I saw a crocodile charging June 23, 2014

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Crocodile Cloud

Oo – it is a crocodile

When you observe sunsets, sunsets reward you, they make you feel on top of the world, they show you their games. Watching the games clouds play has been my hobby, every sunset from a vantage point has a story to tell. I had all the time and I saw acts around lot of stories, this is life, this fun.

Why are you looking at me June 22, 2014

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Langoor and Me

This Langoor gave me good looks

This is my world, who are you? This langoor gave me looks which were clearly saying, I am not amused to see you around, could you mind your business? Langoors are not likely to be courteous so his body language was not communicating “please” to me at all.

And here are a few lines in Hindi and translation by my friend Meenakshi Ahuja…


Aaj sadak pe ek langoor nain mujhe dekhaa
Main sadak par tha, woh dayan ek per par
Main chalta raha woh pichhe rah gaya
Usne ek udaan li
Shallang nahin keh sakte usko
Weh ek udaan thi
Woh seedha mere saamne ke per tha
Main sadak par tha, woh dayan ek per par
Main chalta raha woh pichhe rah gaya.

Kuch he shanon baad mere dayan kuch harkat hui
Main ruk gaya
Woh aagay chala gaya
Woh aagay chal raha tha
Main uske piche tha.
Dar to peeche he rehta hai naan
Maine khud se kaha.

Maine apne kadam tez kar diye
Usne ek udaan li
Main sadak par tha, woh dayan ek per par
Main chalta raha woh pichhe rah gaya

Translation by Meenakshi Ahuja

Today on the road I took
One langoor gave me a look
Me on the road
He on the right
I just walked
As he took flight
Can’t call it a jump
Definitely a flight
He came ahead of me
With all his might.
I was on the road
He, on the right.
I moved on
He was left behind.
In a few moments,
A stir
I stopped
He moved on
I followed
Behind him,
And following me
My fear.
But then,
I braced myself
The langoor took flight
I moved on
Left behind was my fright.




His Acts – Games Clouds Play June 22, 2014

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Clouds in the sky

Clouds have a way of living life


Clouds have a way of talking to our world, it all depends whether we have the time and an eye to hear what they are talking. A few days back clouds played games over Bakrota sky, I could see a dragon and an aircraft. Friends said that it was a bird and a dolphin swimming. You take your pick on what do you think it is and do let me know what it is for you.



Yellow Billed Blue Magpie – Bakrota, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh June 21, 2014

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Yellow Billed Blue Magpie

When you get a bird – you need to know the name, right?

This bird looked very interesting, getting it on my camera was difficult, but somehow I got it. Now the next challenge was to know the name, that was not very simple. I shared it on FB and asked a few people, unfortunately I didn’t ask anyone in Bakrota, that would have surely helped, sad.

Having met with no success with naming this bird in FB, I tried Twitter, in less than an hour the bird had been identified – Yellow Billed Blue Magpie. It was identified by https://twitter.com/amabirdman – Wow! Thanks friend, this bird now has a page on my blog and part of me.

I wrote in #Hindi and my friend Meenakshi Ahuja translated it in English, here are a few lines -

Aajkal peron par panchion ko dhundtaa hoon
Aajkal peron per apne bachpan ko dhundtaa hoon
Aaj us panchi ko dhoond liya
Kal tak usne mujhe khub jhansa diya
Ab uski boli samjhta hoon
Ab uska ghar janata hoon
Ab uske saathi ko bhi pehchanta hoon…

Aajkal peron par panchion ko dhundtaa hoon
Wo pura din khana khojta hai
Pura din theekana khojta hai
Use Suraj achha nahin lagta
Sadev suraj ki vipreet disha main jaata hai
Jab tak Suraj ast nahin hota vapas nahin aata hai..

Aajkal peron par panchion ko dhundtaa hoon
Use kaya dhup lagti hai
Ya wo andhere main shikaar dhoondta hai?
Pata nahin
Jaan-naan bhi nahin chahta.
Wo khush hai
Use khush rehne do…

Mere kaya hai…
Main aajkal peron par panchion ko dhundtaa hoon
Main aajkal peron per apne bachpan ko dhundtaa hoon


Where are the birds
On the tree
Where are those days
When I was free…

Today, found the bird
Or, did he find me
Playing hide & seek
With mirth & glee..

Now I fathom
Where is his nest
Is it too late,
Times flies,doesn’t rest.
I have been away
Too far, too long
Returning at dusk
Is this my swan song…

Is his prey in the dark
Or the sun his hate?
Is it too late?
Is it destiny or fate?
Let bygones be
Now that dusk is done
Tomorrow, a new morning , a new sun!