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Congress was amply rewarded for 1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom November 29, 2015

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There is a lot of talk today about ‪#‎IndiaIsTolerant‬ & ‪#‎IntoleranceRising‬, two tweets or comments later I am reminded of 1984 and asked, “have you forgotten what Congress did to Sikhs?” The intent of the other person is to play then&now or some crazy game, but he/she touches an open wound and it is blood flowing all over again. I have an answer, once or twice I have managed courage to share it, most often I just say that you can’t even force my dead body to vote for Congress.

Here is my answer.
Yes it pains, what Congress engineered was horrendous and the fact that it has gone unpunished and in the process making a whole community of lions and princesses at times wonder, where the lions are? But the pain doesn’t end there, it just begins, the blood has just started flowing.

The worst for Sikhs and Secular India didn’t end on November 5th, a big hole in secular fabric of India emerged. Elections were announced and Congress mobilized huge rallies to share how “Sikh Guards” killed Indira Gandhi and worked to divide the society on religious grounds. Every evening on Government Controlled Door Darshan television, leader after leader, unabashedly talked about “Crime committed by Sikhs” and how “Sikhs were dully punished”.

Shame for India, they succeeded. Rajiv Gandhi’s “theory” that “when a giant tree falls….” was vindicated. Delhi, where the worst massacres happened, rewarded him with all 7 seats. Yes, rewarded, that is the word, that is the blood, that is the pain, that is the trauma. Haryana gave him all 10. Himachal all 4 and Uttar Pradesh 83 out of 85 seats.

Democracy did win that day, but it was at the cost of secularism, inclusiveness, and legitimacy of anti-Sikh pogrom. There was no rigging, the mood of the nation was that what happened to Sikhs was deserved by them and now we should move on. With 404/533 seats, Congress and Rajiv Gandhi had no reason to think about Sikhs, the “nation” was with them. That is the pain which lingers and even if a day comes when justice prevails, this pain still won’t ebb.

I ask myself, if it was why not then why now? Then who were all those people who gave Congress 404 seats. Who stamped Congress & Rajiv Gandhi’s Pogrom against Sikhs as legit? Blood oozes and pain lingers.

When Mind Is Caged March 22, 2015

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When you are seeking out for comfort, your mind is caged

A free mind doesn’t need comfort, it provides instead.

When you sit cross legged and your eyes are roving, your mind is caged

A free mind doesn’t have time to rove eyes or notice that legs are crossed.

When you lie down to sleep and you start searching for it, your mind is caged

A free mind doesn’t search for sleep, sleep searches for a free mind.

When you are not able to follow your dreams, your mind is caged

A free mind doesn’t look for dreams, reality keeps it busy, anyway.

When you know the truth but not the strength to live it, your mind is caged

A free mind can read beyond the truth and live despite it, effortlessly.

When your own voice sounds feeble to you, your mind is caged

A free mind is brave, it is strong enough to make others sound feeble.

Always set your mind free, yes it is your job, it is your mind.



My India My Life March 15, 2015

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My India and my life are intertwined together with some mystique and a little naughtiness. When my India thinks, my life chooses to sleep and when my India sleeps, my life throws a tantrum like a four year old in  a candy shop, hands fluttering and holding air and feet stomping and attempting an agitated symphony. Long and short of it is, that my India and my life have evolved a crazy relationship and I have fallen in love with the weirdness of the twists and turns it never misses to take. Needless to say my life and my India never sleep with each other, sadly so.

India and I are together in this journey, I haven’t stopped looking up to it. I not only look-up to it for an inspiration, I also look up to it inform India on how I am fairing in doing my part of the deal. All journeys are not beautiful and no journey can be beautiful all the time, having said that, India opens its arms for all those who believe in it. India, in its good, bad and ugly form is there in totality, at every corner at every crossroad. We live and enjoy our corrupt and some more, politicians. We live and enjoy acts of our cricketers off field, at times, more off-field than on-field and when it comes to our film stars, they are our new life which we seldom stop chasing. Our lives are so confined to daily rigmarole that we feel that our entertainers have that ability to infuse their good life into ours and it is just a matter of time before we see ourselves wearing Oakley glasses, holding a glass of wine in our one hand and waist of our midnight fantasy in the other. Of course, our lips locked in a tribute to thousands of years of India’s romantic heritage.

At times I am compelled to feel that we Indians are destined to demolish India’s greatness brick by brick. The institutions we inherited are severely crippled and compromised. We have had abuses hurled and fist fights inside Parliament House, we have seen Prime Minister of India declaring a state of emergency to stay in power, we have seen External Affairs Minister of India escorting convicted terrorists as a surrender to free our citizens. We have seen a lot and we are bound to see some more with a former PM being summoned on corruption charges and a former CM accused of inapt handling of bloody riots against minorities in his state as the PM. I am sure my India is indeed breaking down one brick at a time and if this doesn’t stop, in 20-30 years we may not have any more bricks to bring down.

Corruption and nepotism have been silent epidemics which have been killing our country and taking more and more citizens under its spate. Every morning India finds itself more corrupt. I am not sure whether I should feel good that we have a fairly clean e-auction of our coal reserves at the behest of Supreme Court of India directive dutifully carried out by current government, or I should feel sad that tens of thousands of crores of tainted money brought about this political change. Once in a while, I hear shrill noise about corruption, but it is nothing more than regular pain which any epidemic inflicts, and some painkillers and the epidemic is back at spreading itself. To me it is not just about my personal suffering, to me and to many like me it is about costs which subsequent generation pay for one generations acceptance of this malice.

Time and again I pray for a happy and healthy family, when I am praying I tell myself that it is tough to keep my family happy and healthy in this India, I tell myself just loving my India is not helping, India has to love me back too. Then a hope comes in form of a landslide victory for those who are against corruption, but then this is my India, perpetually at crossroads, that hope is challenged and guess what, it is challenged for its own outlook towards corruption. I go back to my prayers.




In Bad Taste – I am not loving this India March 12, 2015

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Yes, I am not loving this India. This is definitely not an India I was raised in. This is not my India which I would proudly call my home. This India is too noisy, it has erratic seasons, it is polluted and worst is, for none of these statements you need a proof.

Why is today’s India attempting to be glossy, where is that India’s characteristic subtle approach? This India lives between glamor and gutter, it doesn’t live between grit and glory and that is from where my dislike stems from. I need an India which provides me with space to be myself. I need an India which is not just my abode but is also an awesome comfort zone for the world. That is what the world always looked up to India for, India was a dream and not an enigma to many which walked its path, unpaved, thorny and rough  at times. India was always the journey of the spirited and the saints.

India needs to know, India needs people at the helm of affairs who know what India needs and are motivated to leave their personal agenda behind and work for the nation. There are many amongst us who really know how India can be revived, we need to encourage them to take center stage, we need to let them know we believe in them. India can happen and it is very much in our hands to make India happen. As a nation, we have made strides in field of technology, we have kind of established our credentials, we need to build on that, and unfortunately, this is where we fail. Politics takes over, opportunism calls shorts, personal agendas and vested interests clash with self serving objectives and nation goes out for a walk, on an unpaved, thorny and rough road. Compromises are considered as an option, a firm NO is not considered as one. When compromises start breathing, it is heart and mind which go through spasms and eventually die. That’s the death we need to avert. We need to build in every Indian a mindset of no compromise on fundamental issues and no compromises on spur of the moment. We have a promise to fulfill to our generations to come, we have to present to them an India which is more agile, happening and earnest than what we inherited, this India is not.

We all know what is to be done, if we just start doing our part, signals would start traveling, someone would start paving the path, someone would start removing the thorns and someone would start flattening the rocks and blunting the rough edges. Life would be good, and it would begin from us.

Let us make India happen. Let us start our journey without waiting for anyone and without waiting for any specific time.



State of Mind March 4, 2015

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Mind is very disturbed.

There is local and global turbulence.

Mind is wandering, it is moving from person to person and place to place.

What else is mind supposed to do when life becomes a constant variable.

What else is mind supposed to do when life becomes a featherlight ball and even a slightly moist wind can get it rolling in its direction.

Mind doesn’t know how to start admiring people in past-tense, especially when present is imperfect.

People leave behind memories so endearing about them that you would never attempt forgetting them, and if at all you do, you would not succeed.

Mind is a world today where thoughts are getting clouded by rituals, their own fire being doused.

One desires to converse but a hollowness takes over.

Even attempts to talk to your own self, all alone don’t work.

Is this sadness?

Is gloom taking over from where desire just died?

Is any storyteller  listening?

This story needs to be told.

This story needs to be told.

O Taliban December 17, 2014

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O Taliban,
Those who massacred children demonstrated valor, right?
Those mothers who lost their precious, deserved it, right?
This is your culture, the great Pakhtoon tradition, right?
This is business of religion, right?
Each one of those 6 who killed are now celebrating with angels, right?
This is the way to teach value of emotions to Army, right?
Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong.
This is the road to darkness, the opposite of enlightenment.
This is about becoming beast and not embracing beauties.
This is shockingly dreadful, hideous and disgusting, an antithesis of culture.
This is not a God’s business, this is a bloodsucking dance of perverts.
How far would you go? Would you now rip-open pregnant women and kill lives yet to see light of the day?
In your quest to do rarest of the rare, what is that next gruesome act which would quench your thirst? What is that? Tell me, tell this world.
You are heartless
You are merciless
You are murderers
O Taliban, no Taliban
May you all perish.
May your souls never be at peace, may they haunt your loved ones.
Death to you Taliban. Death to you.

The Wrong Turn? My foot August 6, 2014

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My attention was drawn to this completely insane and brazen act of gaining public attention by some so called photographer – Raj Shetye. This man just can’t be a photographer, photographers are not insensitive. He can’t be a man, he can’t be even an animal and definitely whatever he is – he is not any better than those who committed the rape.

It is all about selfishness, greed at cost of others, that is the commonality between those rapists and this photographer. This man, Raj Shetye has a cheek to say that it was not inspired by “Nirbhaye Gangrape Case” – what was it inspired by in that case please? Your fantasies? Your sick, rapist fantasies? Ridiculous. Equally ridiculous is participation of each model, fashion coordinator and everyone else involved in this. They all are soulless, lifeless individuals who would like to make money at any cost.

The least which can be done by Mr. Raj Shetye is to auction all his cameras and promise never to buy or borrow another. Sell all his collections and donate every single rupee to the cause of rape victims. Deplored.

Sleep and Business July 24, 2014

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My Sleep gets disturbed several times every night, these days. The feeling that you have been wronged is almost as bad as the feeling that you have been unfairly sued. It took me a long time to get over that feeling and now this, isn’t it too much? Yes it is.
Many a times, I have found myself unaware of perils of having faith and keeping belief, only to be woken up with a big hole in my pockets and permanent scars on my brain. What it does to my heart, I rather not go there. Business and being an entrepreneur makes for a very arduous long and, at times, discomforting life. Something like, you were just about to take your first meal of the day at 6:00 PM and a crow snatched it away from you, forever, between your hands and your mouth. Hurts.

Difficulty of Remaining Good July 24, 2014

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Remaining good in adverse circumstances is very challenging and I am finding it exactly like that at this stage.

I just don’t want anyone to make me look towards them with hostile eyes, it is very difficult for me. At times when people insist, my hostility can’t only remain limited to my eyes, it is a fallout of my soul itself. It gets too messy.

Difficulty of remaining good can be a horrendous task at times.

Looking at Sun – Sunset at Bakrota June 27, 2014

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Sunset at Dalhousie

When you wait with your camera…

I never get bored of shooting sunsets, every evening unfolds hundred of options, to me it is like photography opportunities flying all around you and there is no way you can grab all.