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Jet Airways vs Kingfisher Airlines – A Quick Review January 12, 2008

Posted by simarprit in : Aviation, Review , trackback

This post was done on January 14, 2008. For my recent comments and the current Jet Airways kingfisher alliance proceed towards end of the post. October 17, 2008.

Jet Airways was the King of Indian skies till Kingfisher came in and dethroned Jet Airways in just less than two years. We had a new King of Indian Skies and its name had King to boot. Vijay Mallya won Naresh Goyal lost as Indian Aviation saw new alignments. Kingfisher picked up Deccan Airlines and named it Simplyfly Deccan bringing a whole new angle to LCC market. Jet Airways controversial and dragged on acquisition of Sahara and its subsequent new identity of Jet Lite pales in front of flamboyance of Vijay Mallya and his execution strategies.

Hold the party. Kingfisher has started working hard to break everything which was good about it. In-flight catering is coming down, ground staff is being discourteous, luggage assistants curiously have started working for the tips, is the King falling down? Looks like complacency is setting in. This is the best time for Jet Airways to hit back and regain its old loyalists.

Kingfisher First is becoming second class now, just beautiful faces is what is left of the strategy. Regular feedback of a 78 year old frequent flier is that he would now like to fly again with Jet Airways.

Every month my father flies at least once between Delhi & Kolkata, to-and-fro. He use to do Jet-Airways, then Jet Airways and Kingfisher both, then only Kingfisher and last time he did both. He has told me his preference now is Jet.

At Kingfisher:

He is not happy with the food.

He is not happy with the in-flight service.

He is not happy with the delays which have started happening now.

I am not happy with lack of announcements pertaining to delay at the Airport, I waited for one hour and they kept on saying it is about to land and that also only when I will walk up and inquire at the counter. Not even a single announcement was made stating that there is a delay and no announcement board was put up. I walked 4 times in one hour to the counter at the arrival terminal in Delhi.

I am not happy with the increasing staff attitude that “We work for the King and we all are Prince and Princess out here”. Earlier they were polite,responsive, courteous (they’ll stand up to talk to you), would hold personal gossips and attend to customers (guests as they prefer to call). Not any longer. They don’t look the same set. 

Jet Airways never had attitude problem, their problem was they refused to grow, which they have realised now and looks like they are working on it.

In Kingfisher vs Jet Airways round two goes to Jet Airways.

Watch this space for more comments.


1. Anjan - January 12, 2008

Jet is the most professional service, and it has been consistent all throughout. That’s what counts.

2. simarprit - January 13, 2008

Being consistent on features and packaging of services in agressive market makes you loose market share. If Jet Airways is able to win Round 2, it is becuase they have decided to growup and put their act together, and important Kingfisher has started becoming complacent. Round 2 has been more won (by Jet Airways) due to Kingfisher Airlines becoming complacent and loosing ground significantly. Innovation had dried up in Jet Airways, we can now see some signs of lateral thinking and out-of-box approach coming back.

3. Sanjay - January 15, 2008

In my recent travels also, I am concluding that Jet is winning over Kingfisher. Only today, in the morning I took a KF flight to Kolkata, and then a Jet flight to return to Delhi. And I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the aircraft and the seats, in the Jet flight. The food was better than KF too. And the best part was the video programs that they had. While KF claims to have live TV with Dish tie up, most of the time, you end up seeing reruns from their stored programs. Jet on the other hand, had an excellent selection of serials (comedy – the kind that is perfect for short hops), business programs from CNBC, and other selections of interest. I quite liked these changes in Jet!

4. simarprit - January 15, 2008

Those are really interesting observations Sanjay, as I am no longer travelling too much within India it took me a while to understand that Jet Airways is the best bet once again.

Never thought Kingfisher would spoil its own party, this way.

5. loud drummer - February 3, 2008

I landed on this website when I was searching for information to confirm Jet airways AA code sharing. Jet is good but this trip I had feeling they are falling into Air India type of service, treat the fellow Indian badly and pay attention for the foreigners. I was traveling with a friend of mine who was American, I did not get anything close to what he got, including seat selection, inflight drinks (If you are Indian you are limited to one!!) lost baggage etc.. Hopefully one day they learn we pay them more making many trips than the foreigners who visit may be once or twice.
I live in Dallas Texas, and Lufthansa is the only airlines which can take you to India with one stop. Everybody (cattle) knows how LH’s service is. Hopefully KF or Jet will serve mid-west and start being fair with Indians too.

6. simarprit - May 8, 2008

On May 6, 2008 I had gone to Kolkata on Jet, came back on Jet too. Some quick obserrvations to add to this post.
a) Check in was zoom, still not as fast as I have got used to with American, but zoom is the word.
b) The staff grooming and training has improved tremendously. They look so elegant when compared to Kingfisher, that Kingfisher’s grooming and uniform looks like from some B-Grade Hindi Movie. Jet Crew looks much more responsive now.
c) Flights were on time, even the last flight of the day was by and large on time.
d) Cabin and the new Video Entertainment Systems are great
e) Food was good, Dinner was better than breakfast though. I love their cloth napkins.
Both the flights would rate in my 10 best flights so far.

On Kingfisher the bad news continues. My fellow passenger was so upset with Kingfisher that he used unthinkable explicits, the Gentleman claimed that he use to fly with Kingfisher atleast 8 tmes a month, and now would never fly again. The man looked reasonable his hate for KF was so much that Kingfisher would have messed big time on that.

I am happy I don’t fly Kingfisher any longer, by choice.

7. simarprit - May 16, 2008

Yesterday I had to go to Amritsar, the most interesting connection happened to be of Jet. You can take the 12:10 flight from Delhi to Amritsar, spend few hours at Sri Harmandir Sahib – Golden Temple and get back by the 6:40 flight from Amritsar. This was my second go at this schedule, it worked well.

This visit also marked a discovery of profound negative trait of Jet and lack of training. One Jet employee responsible for the departure was shouting on the walky talky, little short of explicits about a passenger who was in the lounge. I told the staff member that isn’t he being too uncharitable to a Gold/ Platinum Card (That’s the minimum entitlement) guest, prompt came the reply a near explicit again about why the Check-in staff don’t use their discretion while giving lounge cards. Having said that he started looking for another passenger with some more explicits thrown in. Later I came to know that he was the Deputy Airport Manager.

8. VINEETH VASANTH - September 25, 2008

i personally think that kingfisher is far better than jet.because they treat passengers like their guest and they are the only leading airline with brand new aircrafts.so my friends all ways fly the good times and enjoy the service of a five star certified airline.thank you mr. vijay mallaya for making an airline like kingfisher..–VINEETH VASANTH.

9. simarprit - October 14, 2008

Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines have entered in a “Live-in relationship of convenience”.

It is a live-in relationship and shouldn’t be confused with Engagement or Marriage at this stage. How the two airlines inherently different in nature live in the same room and share the same toilet would be interesting to see. Interesting also would be to see where would it land the “guests”. Is the relationship a ploy to make “guest” pay for everything, while the airlines reduce on all expenditure heads. Do we look forward to higher “least price” tickets? Do we look forward to “light meal” flights? Do we look forward to “pay per “check in bag” plans? There would be of-cource some of these, maybe even all.

If a part of economies of scale are passed on to the guests, this live in relationship can produce smiles for the guest, Kingfisher and Jet Airways.

Share your views…

10. Aditya - November 2, 2008

Don’t ever fly Jet Airways.. at I would never prefer…
I booked a flight 3 weeks in advance from mumbai to delhi.. an evening before I got the news that my flight has been canceled..!!!
I was in pune that day and was hoping to start early to catch the flight… now they are offering me a flight in evening which will reach delhi at night.. now I have to catch another train from there.. which will not wait just because jet airways canceled my flight… so where I am left now…

11. simarprit - January 10, 2009

More on Kingfisher: Yesterday my father again flew with Kingfisher, he was coming back from Kolkata – In one word his experience of traveling on Kingfisher First was DISGUSTING. If a Kingfisher First Passenger, who has apparent issues in walking has to drag his carry-on for over 200 meters – The airline is not only bad but it looks like, is also emotionless.

12. VINEETH VASANTH - January 21, 2009

You must understand that our country doesn’t have any 5 star certified airline like kingfisher. You can find 180Deg leg rest and moreover comfortably you can travel in KFA .Oftenly i used to travel in jet airways and jet lite but i never felt anything special about the service of jet.but perhaps whenever i flew in KF though as kingfisher class guest i had experienced a wide quality of service and the behaviour of crew members good.Since if you are having any problem with the service you can log on to chairmans ID.Mr.Sanjay You must know understand that KF is treating there passengers as guest but the jet is not.As far as my openion is concern the service of jet is always fluctuating but kingfishers is always the the same and delighting. Mr.Sanjay,I not only am expecting a reply from you ,but all jet lovers.——-VINEETH VASANTH (VKV) COCHIN.

13. simarprit - January 22, 2009

Vineeth I disgaree with you. As I mentioned my father had real tough time with Kingfisher and he was in Kingfisher First. I haven’t heard anything about my complaints yet. Kingfisher is gone and it looks like with this kind of service it will be all over soon for them.

14. VINEETH - October 15, 2009

sorry simarprit,i think you prefer jet .but as far is my opinion is concerned jet=junk.so simarprit if you have any sort of complaint you can log on to chairmans id.always fly five star and fly the good times.expecting a kind reply from you…..VINEETH(VKV)

15. simarprit - October 16, 2009

This is an old post and now I travel very less within India. However I recently did do about 7 flights in quick succession and here is my satisfaction list.

Best Airline on Indian Skies – Indigo
Worst Airline on Indian Skies – SpieceJet
Most Punctual Airline on Indian Skies – Indigo
Most Irregular Airline on Indian Skies – Air India
Most Courteous Airline on Indian Skies – Jet Airways
Most Arrogant Airline on Indian Skies – Kingfisher
Safety Comes First Airline on Indian Skies – Jet Airways
Safety – What Safety? We don’t give a damn Airline on Indian Skies – SpiceJet

16. aiyappa - January 19, 2010

jet airways is always better than kingfisher…it’s the quality that matters not the brand.

17. suzie - March 29, 2010


18. suzie - March 29, 2010

seems like u have a kingfisher beer everyday…. for16 years JET AIRWAYS has been loyal to the country and the people of this country are proud of it except a few handfull like u.

19. simarprit - March 30, 2010

Doesn’t look like a genuine comment. It has an element of Jet’s PR agency at work.

20. Michael - April 14, 2010

In July of 2009 I booked a London-Calcutta ticket, to return around the end of April 2010 – I paid £538. They told me I had a one-time free rebooking facility, so I would not have to pay a fee for rebooking. They did say I would have to pay the difference in fare. When I asked if fares increased much, they said no. I was led to believe these were differences in inflation – changes due to the price of petrol changing.
However, now I have definite travel dates they are telling me I must pay an additional £360. That is a difference of 67%!!!
They use this double talk, claiming they have sold out of “N-class” fares – a term they never explained when I was buying the ticket. Now they claim to only have “K-class” fares. This is double-speak invented to confuse an unwary customer – there is no difference in the seat or the service. It’s just at a certain time they decide to charge their loyal customers another £360 just because they want to. And they give no warning about this kind of outrage whatsoever. There are seats on the plane, I have already paid for a return flight, and they refuse to change the dates of tickets without this invented “rate change.” But they tell me they have kindly allowed me to change with no penalty. They try to sell you a spoon of honey while stealing your wallet.
I have been robbed. I am a victim of “bait-and-switch.” The company told me I would pay minimal fees when I changed my ticket, and now they are trying to rob me of £360 – when I have long ago paid for the ticket! I
Never buy a ticket from Kingfisher Airlines – they will take your money, and then charge you another 67% overnight, for no reason whatsoever other than their “invented terms” which they secretly use to convince themselves they are not robbing you. You will then have to speak for hours (I spent 2 hours on three international calls talking to 6 people – and no one provided me any service.)


Kingfisher, if you wish to resolve this complaint, email me at: mstanleybaker@gmail.com

21. coderversion1 - May 24, 2010

According to personal experience Kingfisher is at least three times (by careful approximation) better than Jet IN INDIA (at least) in the following:
#1 General Staff behavior
#2 Food

While there is no parameter which can measure precisely any individual’s flying experience as it may vary according to the subject’s behavior, expectations, mood etc. the only method of estimating the performance can be through surveys.

I analysed 18 web blogs with comments of 174 people, the results are as below:

No of supporters:
Spicejet: 8
Air India – 23
Jet and JetLite (combined) – 36
Indigo – 47
Kingfisher – 60

as on 22-05-2010

So Kingfisher is a very clear winner. Please refrain from expressing personal grudges and speaking for others (your dad or someone else :D lol)

22. simarprit - May 25, 2010

On my blog nobody refrains me from writing anything. The way my current experience goes Indigo is far ahead of Kingfisher. Essentially it is because Mr. Bhatia is busy building world’s finest airline and Mr. Mallya is preoccupied in maintaining his larger than life image.

23. coderversion1 - May 25, 2010

Well. Such authority on a free blog. With all due repect “Do you own worldpress by any chance?”

The moment you started expressing your personal grudges against a “PUBLIC UTILITY” you should have been ready for “PUBLIC VIEWS”. You see there is an intersection of “PUBLIC” there and this whole stream is open for “PUBLIC” to stop you from expressing bad experiences of a “PUBLICLY SUPPORTED UTILITY”.

Personally there is no comparison between Jet and Kingfisher. You enter a Jet Airways flight and it feels “Did i pay for the ticket or are they offering me free service”. Kingfisher treats you well. Its not that i like kingfisher a lot but that i hate Jet for its non cooperative, non behaved Ground and air staff.

Sir, even my dad is a frequent traveler and he has had completely opposite experience to what you mentioned about both Jet and KF, Experiences are situational. We can never conclude.

But as the community support goes my previous post says it all.

24. simarprit - May 26, 2010

My fav airline in India is Indigo, my second fav is Jet and my third choice is Go Air. As on date I think Kingfisher is King gone for a fishing. LoL

25. coderversion1 - May 26, 2010

hehe :D

26. Shri - November 24, 2010

As per my opinion both are bullshit in front of indigo. i made a survey in pune. i found out that there has been one business class which always prefer for indigo.rest r using Kf or airways for just experience.

27. vineeth - March 11, 2011

miss suzzie , plz dont be toooooooo immature since telling tht iam having kf beer..tht is my personl intrest…i havnt gave u any rights to screw in tht..k…being a 16 year old airline doesnt makes any diffrnce…kingfisher is a 6 year old airline bt it mzde country proud by being the only 5star airline…it challanged the jet in all aspects….they had started treating passengrs ax guest which is nt yet implemented by jet…kf roxxx…….vineeth

28. vineeth - March 31, 2011

miss suzzie jet was offering air india kind of service till kf came to indian skies..when passengers lost their intrest in flying with them they changed themself…u must grow up and see things …it is the only airline which is 5star certified within its short span of time..jet being a 16 year old is still the same ok…dont get temperred of seeing this …have a chilled beer …plz grow up …

29. bhagya laxmi - April 15, 2011

am also doing project work in jet airways my topic is service marketing and they want me to do the survey in the air lines can u help me to prepare the questioner to my mail id plzzz..

30. VINEETH - April 28, 2011

jet is lost in all aspects ..once they had terminated more than 1800 of their cabin crew.while there were no job cuts in kf side.kf wont do tht…this indicate tht jet would do anything for earning profite.they r nt concernd abt their staffs so hw come they would be concernd abt there passngrs? …the fact is when kf hd startd flying into indian skies jet startd changing themself..till before the entrance of kf ,jet were known to be a privatly owned air india…jet startd changing themself..this states tht jet havnt implementd any methodology by there own bt copied kf’s .kf made jet changd…Vineeth Vasanth