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Universal Studios Fire June 2, 2008

Posted by simarprit in : News Reaction , trackback

My phone rang during the meeting, Mini in a very calm voice announced; Simar, we are outside Universal Studios and it is on fire. I understood everything in that one sentence.  Very measured sentence, spoken very aptly, created no panic and answered all concerns. Without asking. That was the best way to inform, it generated concern and managed anxiety instantly.

 Hundreds of questions were in their head, what they saw got gutted, or what they had to see got gutted. They know King Kong ride is gone, and that is what they had missed two days back, rest they are still discovering.

I am not feeling good about it. I thought these things are fool proof. The very fact that my family was moving on its own, in a new country, in a new city with no one known was a statement of my confidence on the systems. It gave me tense moments on this account, “what if” has been troubling me. What if? What if? What if if they were inside? What if, if they were on the ride? What if, if my my phone was in no signal zone? All planning suddenly looks like a very risky preposition. On second thoughts, maybe I should have not sent them alone.




1. Sanjay - June 7, 2008

Oh my god! Thats a rude shock.. I am glad they were outside.
Look at the brighter side. HE was protecting them, and ensured that they were out. And when HE is protecting you, nothing can cause any harm..

2. simarprit - June 8, 2008

Thanks for kind words Sanjay. Yes HE is all. We have a saying in Gurbani, “Jis Da Sahib Dada Hoya, Us Noon Maar Na Sakey Koy, Maar Na Sakey Koy.” Which means it is tough to harm som one who follows a tough and firm Master.

Thanks again.