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You Mint – Email Spam June 8, 2008

Posted by simarprit in : Internet, portals, Spamming , trackback

Some times great ideas can be raped by quick grow strategy. Since past seven days, I’ve been getting regular spam mail which  goes like this…

Hi,Join below & get paid for receiving promotional SMS on YouMint. You can also send free SMS to any mobile in India!




- Ashish Goel”

It comes with a noreply@youmint.com address. What did Youmint.com gain by encouraging email spamming like this, and what did Mr. Ashish Goel get by becoming a hardcore spammer disturbing peace and adding to email overload. At-least they lost me as a supporter to their concept and created a bad mouth. I have seen many sites indulge in unethical practices like this and have always thought of creating a post or a blog to take care of them. I was never troubled enough to get into it seriously, but You Mint and Ashish Goel have succeeded in ensuring that. 

The promoters of You Mint should be aware that gentleman  like Ashish Goel can get them into serious trouble, Unsolicited mails are not done, and that also on all possible IDs you could be using. I am of course contemplating writing to you Mint to hand me over personal details of Mr. Ashish Goel to me, so that joint action against them and Mr. Goel can be initiated. I am sure You Mint is too busy minting money to bother about problems they are creating for others.

If there are others who are suffering from this aggressive Youmint.com supported and promoted spamming please feel free to post your views.



1. Lakhwinder Singh - June 24, 2008

Hi Simarprit,

I am writing to you from YouMint.com . We take such matters very (very) seriously. Our core offering is created to KILL SPAM and to create an opt-in user base! We are investigating the matter and will co-operate with you to take any action necessary.

Our top management gets involved personally in matters relating to checking any SPAM. This has already been escalated to our CEO. He tried to contact you today on both your mobile numbers. This is a serious matter and we consider this our prime responsibility to ensure there is no such activity being carried out with our brand name attached to it.

You will possibly appreciate that one does tend to get elements that spoil the party for others. We have done our level best to check any spam from our system and weed out any spammers if and when we find any. Considering we’ve grown by word of mouth alone, it is imperative that we keep any spammers far away from us lest it causes damage to our brand. We only want real people with real friends. In every email we generate, we put a link to decline the invitation and report it as spam.

We will try to re-establish contact with you.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Best regards

Lakhwinder (Support Team @ YouMint)

2. simarprit - June 25, 2008

The CEO of You Mint did reach out to me. They have informed me that they have no truck with Mr. Ashish Goel. I have no reasons to doubt the organizations statement. I’ve told You Mint to ensure that their system is robust enough to filter out all those who spam for quick money.

It is good to now that the organization has a system of “hearing out”.

3. Ajit - June 29, 2008

For the keyword- You Mint email spam- the first result thrown up by Google is your blog post. Variations of the keyword also put your blog in the top 10 search results.

Since their “core offering is created to KILL SPAM and to create an opt-in user base” they’d surely want those matters to be reflected when internet users search for keywords like- You Mint email spam- on Google and other search engines.

Please don’t post this comment on your blog or they’ll have more reasons to be worried about.

4. simarprit - June 29, 2008

That’s OK Ajit. I have already mentioned their efficient handlingof my post. You make a valid point, so it shows up.