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Hello to H.H. The Dalai Lama!!! July 6, 2008

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In flight discussions on transcontinental flights are probably the fastest learning and knowledge sharing places.

 Just before we could disembark, I got finally talking to the gentleman who was siting on my right and working hard through the flight, (yours truly was too blotted up to do anything in this flight hence was watching everyone else… LoL).  As we got talking the gentleman asked me are you a Sikh, and on my saying Yes I am, the conversation became instantly interesting. He told me that he had gone to Amritsar to visit Harmandir Sahib as part of a documentary project called The Invocation, http://www.TheInvocation.com. Emmanuel mentioned that he met the “Second Highest Religious person” present at Sri Harmandir Sahib. This “Second Highest Religious Person” would need some probing around and is beyond the scope of this post. Emmanuel Itier also mentioned that after a quick 5 hour visit of the city of Amritsar they left for Dharamshala by road.

Dharamshala to me is synonym with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, the face of “Freedom for The Tibet Movement” and one of the most hallowed religious/ spiritual personalities of the world. My immediate question was “so did you interview His Holiness?” I am sorry Emmanuel, on the hindsight I should not have asked this question. Emmanuel answer was stiff “No.” Here are those few sentences which Emmanuel shared hurriedly in detachment and disbelief.  I have tried to keep them as verbatim as possible:

  1. They had requested for an appointment.
  2. They were informed that His Holiness is in Dharamshala.
  3. They met two secretaries of HH The Dala Lama.
  4. The Secretaries confirmed that they understood the project and decided not to bring the request for an appointment to the notice of His Holiness.
  5. The Secretaries despite a series of correspondence and first level references didn’t budge at all.
  6. The Secretaries to The Dalai Lama maintained that they had all the wisdom and the authority to decide who can meet His Holiness.
  7. They saw lot of monks.
  8. They saw lot of monks in constant argument and squabbles.
  9. The halo around Budhism and His Holiness didn’t prepare them for what they saw.
  10. His Holiness was resting and had no other engagements.
  11. They got an impression that maybe donations ease the path for meetings with His Holiness.

I am surprised. It looks more like Corporate or a Self Styled Guru’s office approach and doesn’t at all go with image of the Dalai Lama. Here is a quote from the official biography of His Holiness “on the level of a human being, His Holiness first commitment is the promotion of human values such as compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, contentment and self-discipline”. My concern is Emmanuel couldn’t see any of this in his visit.

I am sure the secretaries wold get to see this post as The Tibet is very active o the Internet, the issue is would they re-look at their systems.

This is my Hello to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, anyone who can share this with him would do good to all those who believe in the aura of His Holiness. As do I. I understand fully that His Holiness just can’t grant all appointments, but it is the experience of a documentary film maker which troubled me and made me write this post.


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