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When does Rakhi fall in 2008? July 26, 2008

Posted by simarprit in : India, Internet, portals , trackback

When is Rakhi?

Why am I asking this?

Am I not the one whose company announces every year the date of Rakhi on the Internet? Rakhi is on August 16, 2008 but we are not the one announcing it.

Not any longer. We handed over http://www.virtualrakhi.com which was the first Raksha Bandhan site, to its new owners. So when I asked this question to my cousin, the thought came back to me about my association with Raksha Bandhan through Virtual Rakhi. Why did we choose to call it Virtual Rakhi, why not something else, we had hundreds of names to choose from? We called it Virtual Rakhi to create a platform where Sisters and Brothers can unite on this day. We worked towards it way back in 1999, but it was a little early for the concept. We moved on and started retailing Rakhis and creating provisioning for Return Gifts. The concept worked and we did well. We created Virtual Rakhi as a brand with Mani becoming the “Jag Bhai” and literally delivering Rakhis to brothers for couple of sisters who discovered the festival little too late in the day.

It was hard-work, great fun and an emergence of e-commerce. Beautiful Rakhis, Lovely Messages, Great Packaging and all-round innovation. It was just awesome. Getting Rakhis directly from the manufacturers and selling them all over the world was very exciting.

I am sure the excitement continues but we are no longer part of the same.

Good luck VirtualRakhi.com good luck Raksha Bandhan E-commerce.


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