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Cuil – Review July 30, 2008

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Google – Cuil Comparison

Is it really Cool?

Yes, the interface is. It is too good.

I will work towards a detailed comparison of Google and Cuil, let us see what comes out.

As a starter, Cuil is to Search Engines what iPhone was to mobile devices (at least the interface). It is awesome. The interface and HCI angle is a killer. It can disrupt the party for Google. It has that in it. That’s the good news. On HCI they get 10/10, compared to Google’s 2/10. But on search terms, I am afraid the novelty doesn’t pay, they are just continents away, or shall I say halfway around the world.

I just did about 2300 searches. Random. Global. On any thing and everything. I am getting more focused as I move on with more parameters.

  1. As per Cuil there are no “Indian Restaurants in San Jose” though we have “Japanese Restaurants in San Jose”, “Mexican Restaurants in San Jose” and “Chinese Restaurants in San Jose”. LoL
  2. Search for Map and see the error
  3. Search for Sap and see the error
Parameter Google Cuil
Absolute Search 9 1
Addresses 8 3
Adjacency Checks 9 1
Adult Filter 6 2
Anti Domain Squatting 8 2
Blog Search 8 2
Brand 10 2
Bridge Page Filters 8 2
Bug Free 9 2
Buzz 7 7
City Names 8 6
Cloaking Check 8 4
Complex Search 7 3
Crawls 9 6
Customized Search 7 2
Database 9 7
Date and Time 7 1
Date Filter 8 4
Dead Link Checks 7 2
Deep Search 9 3
Default Weightage 7 1
Depth 9 7
Dictionary Results 9 3
Directory Structure 9 3
Domain Name 8 6
Dynamic Content Handling 8 6
Fake Listings 7 6
Four Words 10 1
Frame Based Content 8 4
Gateway Filters 7 3
Geo Filter 9 6
H Tagging Relevancy 6 3
Image Embedding 6 1
Image Mapping 7 2
Image Relevance 9 1
Incremental Updates 8 0
Industry Awareness 10 5
Keyword Stuffing 6 7
Keyword Weightage 8 5
Languages 9 1
Links 8 3
Long Tail Words 9 2
Look & Feel 1 10
Mathematical Modeling 9 6
Matrix Approach 9 9
Mature 10 1
Medical Terms 8 4
Meta Tags 7 5
Popularity Weightage 8 3
Proper Noun Search 8 2
Random Numbers 7 2
Reach 10 2
Read My Mind 9 0
Relational 9 4
Relevancy 7 2
Relevancy Correction 8 2
Safe Search 6 2
Search Assist 3 9
SEO Filters 7 2
Single Word 6 2
Site Map Relevancy 8 3
Smart 2 10
Social Networking Content 8 2
Speed 10 9
Spelling Correction 8 2
Stop Words 8 2
Subdomain Handling 8 6
Tags 8 7
Telephone Number Search 9 3
Three Words 9 2
Title 7 2
TLD Filter 7 1
Two Words 7 4
UGC Indexing 7 4
Video Embedding 5 1
Weighted Average 9 4
Wikipedia Results 9 3
Within top results 7 8
ZIP Code Search 9 4



  1. I am still working on this post, this post is continuously changing.
  2. New Parameters are being added every day
  3. Scores are also changing – I plan to do a major update
  4. This is a self initiated review
  5. I make no claims to be an authority on this subject or methodology adopted. However I admit to be a part of the vision/ engineering/ architecture/ design and development team  of a Search Engine project which worked well as a beta product, but couldn’t find financial backing and died a natural death.


1. Sanjay Mehta - July 30, 2008

Excellent comparison. You have certainly put in lot of time and effort to come up with this list so early!

Well, ordinarily one would have dismissed the effort as a fly to be swatted away by Google. But considering the Google pedigree of the founders and the money that they have already raised (investors must be rushing to find a new Google, and get in early this time!), I would give them a chance.

Pressure to release a first version might have resulted in this first version release. Can only get better, I presume..

2. simarprit - July 30, 2008

Thanks Sanjay. Doing this comparison has been a good learning experience. I am still at it. I would like to add more comments and observations over next couple of days.

I agree that it has an interest value and for sure it would create wealth for the reasons of Google Pedigree and early rounds of funding.

3. Goutam Sathia - July 30, 2008

Realy like the comparision, it an sticky infomation to look for more from you.

I really like the interfaceof cuil; the results page is definitely more pleasing than Google’s because test result comes with a picture or a logo, which can added advertisement vehicle from any company as a brand.

But as a start-ups it can have a better chance if it attacks Google in areas where it is weaker, such as in mobile or foreign language search. In contrast, mountinig a serious challenge head-on, to force out eyeballs from a established web surfing habits and importantly advertising relationships will requires heroic levels of determination, innovation and fund for Cuil… may be it should look out for an angel at this moment

one hicks which I found was, it is giving me an unusual error messages and time-outs that any one might expect with a new site.I think such wrinkles as uncool. This would kill the tempo of first time visitor and the stickiness will loose its balance.

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5. HARMEEN - July 31, 2008


6. sudhir - July 31, 2008

Thanks Simar, Good comparison.

If Cuil is hoping to take over Google’s market using a poorly designed search engine, they have to work really hard and for that they need to find someone like Microsoft for acquisition.

Google remains cooler than Cuil

7. Deepak Gupta - August 1, 2008

Hi Simar

Its very good comparison. Cuil is really cool. Its very good comparison. No one has made this kind of comparison so far on google vs cuil.

There are few problems still there and it is still too far from even making comparison with Google. Google has travelled a long path to reach at number one. I am sure with this threat coming from cuil google will come with new powerful search technology.

I agree with u cuil should have been released as beta version and then on basis of user’s feedback should have made it more powerful.

I am sure it will travel the distance to reach near to google. If u remember google made it same way to yahoo, msn, altavista and other search engines

Again thanks for this good comparison atleast it will open a new chapter in inetrnet areana and people will provide more and more feedback.

8. Anshuman Pandey - August 1, 2008

Really an excellant work . I have not heard of these exhaustive parameters anywher else . I would blindly comment that cuil has less database servers ( data ) to satisfy all above filters as it must not be investing the huge chunk of fund which google is doing right now .It requires sufficient amount of time also to acquire such a huge database . As the cuil servers and data will grow , I hope cuil will perform better on all these paramets .