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SEO Best Practices Meta Description Tag August 22, 2008

Posted by simarprit in : Blogging, Internet, Search Engines, SEO, SES 2008, websites , trackback

Continuing with my executive summaries on SES 2008, San Jose – Here is my take on Meta Description Tags:

Lot of King Size SEOs scream on top of their voices “Who cares for Meta Description Tags”, I whisper “The searcher cares and I care. Period.”

Why does the surfer care:

  1. Knows the animal called SEO, and is scared of it.
  2. Is not a novice, she knows that first couple of results are best optimized but may not be the best results.
  3. She needs a 20 second elevator pitch.
  4. She falls in her self esteem if she hits a trash.
  5. She likes manicured hands, Your title is your head and your description is your hands.

I can go on and on…

But Why do  I care?

  1. Makes me look serious and business like, at all time
  2. Gets me the right traffic
  3. Good Description sticks
  4. She enters my site knowing precisely what she needs and I have it, no surprise, she hates them
  5. “Copyright 2001-2008″, we all have seen all kinds of information filling up in search engines when meta Description Tag is not there or not used properly. it saves me from showing my dirty linen or any unwanted information.
  6. A good Meta Description Tag Page gives me higher number of Clicks at number 5 than a no Meta Description tag page gets me at Number 2.

The correct syntax for the Meta Description Tag in HTML is;

<meta name= description content= “Your 20 second Elevator picth works here.”>

<META NAME= “Description” CONTENT=”Your 20 second Elevator Pitch works here.”>

More SEO tips shall follow, these Tips are my own assessment of what works for me, they maynot be totaly in line with what has been preached at SES 2008, San Jose.


1. sudhir - August 23, 2008

Thanks Simar, valuable information .

Can we get a similar summary on & Tags.

2. sudhir - August 23, 2008

i meant for Title tags & Keywords

3. uxarchitecture - August 24, 2008

This is good advice. “Have I really found what I was looking for?” is a critical step in the search process.

4. The Web Consultant - August 28, 2008

I love the manicured hands bit! That is a fantastic analogy.

Useful info and it made me smile too. Thanks

5. Justin - September 30, 2008

Don’t forget to include target keywords near the start of the tag if possible!!! :)

6. Roberto, from Madrid - May 26, 2009

Valuable information. More user friendly, more visits. :-)

Greetings from Madrid!