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Advertsing Brands and Social Media September 18, 2008

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Micahel Lazerow begins with a statement…. Social is here

  1. Brands now have cost effective access to 500 million engaged users
  2. Social sites get less than 1% of the online advertising budgets
  3. Social media advertising is not scalable as on date
  4. Social media advertising is also not very measurable and reliable as of now
  5. Where are the results and how billing is tied to results
  6. Social content is about communication, conversation, CRM, People and not only about advertising, it s a complete marketing suite.
  7. Impressions are like air, which air do you want to breathe and where your air is matters
  8. Buying impressions only in social media is not working and not likely to work
  9. Social Brand Loyalty, interaction with brand is critical and integration of all of the elements
  10. You can;t shout at customers any longer, it has become more about listening
  11. Are you where your user wants you
  12. Million different versions are beamed to million different users… database integration across media is critical, Apps are very important in social media space
  13. Emotion, Engagement, Efficiency, Social Intelligence are the key elements of social media, is your ad catering to it….
  14. Apps are not campaigns, they are not perishable, they have a life a long life
  15. Tie your act together, it is the key to ad apps or engagement ads
  16. Pay on Success model is going to stay on, pay for results
  17. Social media advertising and presence helps in others talking about you
  18. Co-creation of apps is a great concept
  19. FedEx app on Facebook has retained 250,000 active users
  20. Profile targeted advertising can be very successful on social media networks
  21. Laughter maybe the best medicine for a social app
  22. Advertising these apps is very important, self propagation may not be adequate
  23. Coll Apps would have cool success
  24. Some of the measurements are: impressions, installs, time spent, re-visits, recommendations, un-install rate
  25. Make goals and track them
  26. Think big. Start small
  27. Go fast. Iterate
  28. Socialize everything
  29. You have to “Buy Engagement”

This session has been very engaging. Thank you, Michael.


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