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Content Matters A Web 2.0 Perspective September 19, 2008

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This session in Web Expo 2.0 on Content Matters is being coordinated by Liz Danzico.

Some of the facts as preamble to this discussion:

  1. Content Drives Traffic 
  2. Users don’t read online 
  3. The content now comes in various unexpected ways 
  4. We aren’t writing, we are speaking in text, the internet looks like writing, but it is actually a conversation

Types/ Classification of content 

  1. Navigation & Orientation content 
  2. Labels and action 
  3. Help 
  4. Non textual
  5. Technical

Executive Summary:

You need a content strategy, and you need a content strategist to look after it. If you have lots of information flowing in from the UGC route, you would be better off dedicating an “Ïnformation Architect” to integrate it. Style Sheets and Content Guidelines are two of the few essential documents which you must have operational in any content development project. To cover against plagiarism, it is important to keep the background documentation and source for your creation handy.

For a successful content strategy you need the team to bring in Passion, Editorial Responsibility and Monitoring Responsibility. Sites which have a major flow of user generated content need to continuously evaluate content on multiple parameters.

A well attended but poorly presented session, too few takeaways from a very illustrious panel.




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