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Designing for Communities September 19, 2008

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Designing for Communities -Web 2.0 Expo -New York

David Karp & Avi Muchnick

  1. You are different and you look different, don’t confuse us with something which has been seen before and make a notion about what we are. The challenge of establishing your look and feel and building a design case around you.
  2. You have to sell yourself to the user for the user to be convinced that he wins by engaging on your site, your design has to communicate ease of success to the user and the fact that you care for them.
  3. Ultimately content quality is your responsibility and you are answerable for the quality of your content. You need to understand your communities profile and preferences while designing your framework and layout. Participative approach towards quality monitoring is necessary. Defining boundaries of content creation and management is important for communities, community members should know what is good and what is not.
  4. User feedback needs to be prioritized and measured against your broader vision, community feedback is important, but don’t dilute what you believe would work over what the users talk about. Segregating user feedback and looking behind the motive may not be an evil thing to do.
  5. Design should encourage participation, and curb negativity. Hearing whispers would ensure that “ït sucks” messages just don’t get written.
  6. How do you get people to accept UI changes. Make your existing users choose what they want give them choice till they change over to the new one anyway. Let them understand the new interface is better, maybe underplay the existing page and down-sell it, tweak it to maybe, sub-perform. Beta testing your new UI and selective exposure may help.


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