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Who is Joe the Plumber? October 18, 2008

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Is Joe the Plumber the Face of the Presidential Elections 2008?


It’s official now-Joe “six pack” is out of the US presidential politics, Joe “the plumber” is in! Who is this Superstar of the 2008 US Presidential election? Google Insights shows “Joe The Plumber” as a hot phrase on the internet, no wonder. In one of my long phone calls with Sanjay, Sanjay was curious to know more, his curiosity led to his team of Anupama, Shilpa and their team of excellent researchers writers putting this together. May be by Monday we would have a website on Joe the Plumber. LoL. Thank you team Compare Infobase.


 October 19, 2008:


I am informed that http://www.JoeThePlumber.In has gone live, our team is working on the theme Is “Joe the Plumber In”


Yes of cource he in.


I have removed the article to avoid content overload.


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