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Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji November 14, 2008

Posted by simarprit in : Punjabis, Sikhism , trackback

When you are born, and where you are born has a bearing on who you are and what you become.  Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born  in 1469, around that time  – invasions, terror and blood-bath were leading to a large scale unrest in the pious land of five rivers.

Guru Sahib’s inherent nature of not accepting what was told and taught at its face value led him to evolve as an original spiritual thinker. He believed in listening, understanding and having first hand knowledge before expressing or forming his own opinion.

He listened to people of all faith and cultures.

He read extensively about the religion he was born in – Hinduism, and the dominant religion of the region Islam. He also studied Buddhism in depth.

He travelled widely to famed and acclaimed seats of learning of those times. Traveling towards the east he stayed  at Haridwar, Varanasi, Kamrup in Assam and  Jagananth Puri in Orissa  and visited/ camped at many other important towns and schools of thought. His journey towards south of Punjab took him to temples and places of worship spread across the four states in the southern part of India and Sri Lanka. In his jtravels  to north,  north east and west of Punjab he covered the holy lands of Tibet, mainland China, Mecca (Saudi Arabia) and Baghdad (Iraq).

Guru Sahib desired a Sikh  to- (Sikh – origin the Sanskrit word Shishya – Student)

believe in one God

do selfless worship at all times (not only in the time of need)

do service to humanity without any self interest

share and care, especially with those who are in need

earn an honest living by ensuring that no action leads to cheating or exploitation

shed all inequalities, rich – poor, men – women, higher caste – lower caste

be compassionate

be open to the view of others on all matters

practice brotherhood and not be self-centered

be not scared of death

Guru Nanak Dev Ji is also refered to as Baba Nanak or Nanak Shah.  The currency of Empire of The Sikhs established by Maharaja Ranjit Singh was Nanakshahi

Guru Sahib passed away peacefully in 1539 at Kartarpur, his teachings are a way of life to millions of people all over the world.


1. Sanjay Mehta - November 14, 2008

Thank you for making this summary which is a quick lesson to anyone, and especially to non-Sikhs like me. Good surmise.

2. nytsmasher76 - November 14, 2008

Thank you for posting this and may you continue with more…


3. Dr. Nayyar Hashmey - November 17, 2008

The unfortunate events of 1947 partition created a wedge between Pakistan and India to such an extent that Baba Guru Nanak Dev Ji became an apostle of Sikhs only; though he is an apostle of humanity.
Am a proud Pakistani and a Muslim but I equally feel honored to revere the august, the enlighten soul that took birth at Nankana Sahib 539 years ago. We in Pakistan have equal rights to take pride in teachings of the Great Guru as the Sikhs have in him. It’s same as Sikhs taking pride and paying tribute to Hazrat Baba Farid-ud-din Ganj Shakar and Hazrat Mian Mir.
At this occasion, when all Sikh brethren and sisters are celebrating Guru Ji’s birth celebrations, we in Pakistan equally share your happiness and pay tribute to that great soul of Punjab and send you Lakh lakh badhayan on this august 539th birthday of the Great Guru.
Just a few days back I was scribbling some thing and all of a sudden my pen drifted towards writing something on the Great Guru. I just wandered into certain thoughts about how did I feel in the past about Sacha Sauda and Nankana Sahib and later what was revealed to me on the miracles of Sikhism while I started studying the life of Hazrat Baba Nanak Dev Ji and the other Gurus.

Those of you who might wish to peep into my thoughts about the Guru, can see my latest post – http://teabreak.pk/baba-guru-nanak-dev-ji-and-his-message-for-humanity-106/8801/

4. aayushi - October 27, 2009

good views

5. saurabh - March 21, 2010

very nicely you have presented teachings.in a simple way

6. simarprit - March 21, 2010

Thank you for visiting my post and taking out time to read it. Teachings of Guru Nanak play a key role in lives of millions of individuals all over the world.

7. blog professional - April 21, 2010

A beautiful gist of sikhi teachings…..

Sikh Shabad Gurbani Kirtan also fill your heart, mind, body and soul with its purity alluring you into a divine pleasure.

8. Anushka - November 11, 2011

A very nice post dedicated to a very pure soul. Happy Guru Purab. :)

9. Azhar - April 29, 2012

Thank you.I needed this information too urgently.FROM AZHAR

10. SOUGATA BANIK. - May 24, 2012

tooooooo long…………………….i would be more happy if it was in brief.

11. jasmeen - August 19, 2012

its unbelievable

12. Dennis sumaru - November 25, 2012

Thank you in advance and God bless.I am just gathering teachings on few subjects.Can anyone help me please share Guru Nanakji’s teaching on forgiveness in general.Please his teaching and not your opinion or comment..I want to know word by word as to what he tought about forgiveness.God bless you.

13. simarprit - November 25, 2012

Best would be to go through this read along on Youtube. This is one part of his bani and about an hour would give you a fair idea about his teachings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpPJUjebWo8 – This is “pure teaching and its fairly accurate translation.” Thanks for asking a question.

14. puneet - November 28, 2012

nice…..may guru ji bless everyone

15. kumar purnendu - December 4, 2012

god always help other

16. sneha - December 7, 2012

good…..gurus r d real gods………..

17. priyanshu kumar - December 16, 2014

guru nanak is my god. he is a good man