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Microblogging and Specification Document January 22, 2009

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Look, look who’s talking now – Ha! Ha! After all the talk about agile development (AD/ ASD) platform and microblogging, I have finally got down to preparing specifications document. Our Cycle Zero is over, we have made whatever we desired in http://www.DilKholKeBol.com under ASD platform now it is our turn to set our house in order. At this stage we are zeroing down on the right SDLC school/ methodology to be followed to make our microblogging platform a robust multipurpose, easily deploy-able, inherently agile core.

So here we go on what all we have  and what all we desire in the Version 3.0 of our microblogging platform.

  1. We wish to cover 20% of all mobile instruments available in the market. We hope these 20% would be the top 20% in usage thus allowing us to cover 80% market.
  2. You can do picture upload from mobile through GPRS
  3. You would be able to video upload through GPRS
  4. You can do text through GPRS, you would be able to do text through SMS
  5. Person Search
  6. Blog Search
  7. Groups
  9. Delete
  10. Edit
  11. Archive
  12. Dictionary
  13. Poll
  14. Refresh Indicator
  15. Uploading from indication
  16. Seamless integration with blogging site
  17. Trending topics
  18. Twitter RSS feed integration
  19. APIs
  20. Picture archiving and Personal/ Public
  21. Video archiving and Personal/ Pulblic
  22. Registration features
  23. Audio integration
  24. Podcast integration
  25. Short URL interface

Most of the above is already there, we are going to go ahead and make it to order form made on the fly – what we have done so far.

Please suggest more features…


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