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SitaGita.com – A New Chapter January 31, 2009

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It has always been tough to provide an answer to the question – What does Compare Infobase do? Congratulations to everyone associated with Compare Infobase, it just became tougher. With the first cut strategy laid out for SitaGita.com Compare Infobase gets into re-engineering external projects for incubation gains. Complex. Yes.
Problem Statement: SitaGita.com is a great site visualized and nurtured by one of the finest women entrepreneurs in the country and developed with lots of personal interest and passion needs to keep pace with the changing face of Internet. Solution: Just re-engineer it. If Compare Infobase could re-engineer its own sites and keep them growing and competing against the “deep pocket”, “mint fresh idea” ones, it could as well do it for external projects. That is what we thought and we have got going on.

Inspiration for the SitaGita.com re-engineering would be Mapsofindia.com. The task ahead is defined – document what we did right with Mapsofindia.com and see how the core of it can be deployed in SitaGita.com.

Our re-engineering would include – asset management, asset renewal, asset enhancement and asset additions. In next one month we have ten defined initiatives which we want to initiate and complete. The most exciting of these initiatives is a SitaGita.com for the age group of 17- 35 years, Sigi.in – Yes Sigi is in, and Sigi is going to move the young Indian Women like nothing has ever done before. Sigi is a breath of fresh air and Sigi would be all over India and the world. Sigi would begin her journey from Chennai and would land up in San Jose and every-time she will take a different route for the same. If Sigi excites me no-end, news.SitaGita.com promises to become a benchmark for women centric news.

Update: November 9, 2010 – Compare Infobase Limited and self have disassociated ourselves from Management of SitaGita.com and other sites within the umbrella. We still own 1/3 of the company but it is now a pure investment without any management participation and responsibility.


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