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The Framework for a Casual Networking Site February 18, 2009

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Enough of social, how about casual networking. Am I just inventing something to look different? Am I just using the word so as I can answer if someone says “you too brutus!” No, not at all.

We as citizens of the internet constantly need a new environment, an environment which provides “I belong here’ feel to an increasing number of people. Here we are talking about the feel which say first 100,000 users of Facebook got, the feel which first 100,000 users fo Twitter got – the feel of freshness, the feel that it is my extension, the feel that it is me. Somehow as the projects evolve that feel goes missing, we need a platform where new is happening always, but is non intrusive, it is casual. We need an environment where to belong is a pleasure – but not demanding. Many of us may feel that exactly these environments exist – and many of us may not feel so. Let us look for those who feel something missing when they log in to the community they belong to.

As we set out to evolve, we need to define the core of the community – the core which would bond everyone together, which would make this community the casual happening extension of life. The core would be “Power to every community member” – Power to own, power to belong, power to change, power to evolve and power to devolve. A democratic community which is as thick as it is casual.

While creating http://DilKholKeBol.com a site which has set out to occupy the space between Twitter and Facebook in Indian space – a lot of learning has happened. I say it is learning because it is not accidental. We will try to bring that learning together and move ahead and create this platform – a Causal Networking Platform.

This is an introductory note and all ideas are welcome.


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