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A for Apple and only Apple Inc March 8, 2009

Posted by simarprit in : Domain Names, Google, Search Engines, SEO, Uncategorized , trackback

Working further on understanding Domain Name and its growing importance within Google, I went back to the basics: A for Apple.
When you search for Apple in Google, Google is 100% certain that you only want to know about Apple Inc and their products. So eight of ten results are from http://apple.com – try this http://uurl.in/Apple – the other two results are from Slashdot and Yahoo and both are again about Apple Inc. Now where does this leave the poor Apple, I mean Apple the fruit, I mean Apple the inspirational fruit behind Apple Inc – no where.

So what would have I liked, Google should create, or maybe even now has  “A Conflict Filter”

Conflict Filter can be a web 2.0 creation allowing surfers to suggest serious conflicts, like this one – which dries up all juices from the real apple. This conflict filter can then act as a base for forking and offering a choice, maybe splitting the screen to show two important conflicting terms. The results on Apple Inc can be in one window and the results on Apple the fruit can be in another window and if possible accommodate a third window which covers images of the two conflicting results.

If A is for Apple Inc, O is for anything but Orange the fruit in Google search results. B for BAT throws the first result as BAT.com the British American Tobacco Company website, fortunately the wikipedia result quickly follows at number two and saves Bat the mammal. Wikipedia also comes to the rescue for Cat the cat, but looses first position to ironically Caterpillar, yes it is Caterpillar Inc, which owns the domain cat.com

Google has been taking the challenges head on and I am sure something exciting would cover up for this.


1. Sanjay Mehta - March 8, 2009

Interesting thought process and certainly thought provoking!

2. Gabriel Weinberg - March 8, 2009

simarprit, we do exactly what you are talking about Duck Duck Go. Check out:


3. simarprit - March 9, 2009

Thanks Sanjay, Thanks Gabriel – I did go to those links and yes they work by and large the way I was envisaging.

As I am still working on the same, I noticed something interesting – Working on only fruit related search – I stopped when I saw the results fot the word Cherry, It doesn’t happen on Apple, Grapes, orange or Berry – but it happens on Cherry, of course pun is intended. When you search for Cherry – Google comes up with related searches on the top (instead of usual bottom). It also treats plurals slightly differently. So search for Apples, Oranges, Berries and Grapes – of course cherries – pops up differnt and more “balanced” results.

4. Matthew - March 10, 2009

Depends on the number of content generated for a specific word. Put in enough articles on Apple – the fruit – and it will come up. Check Elephant / Egg. Google is not making a mistake, it is just showing a simple fact: more content generated for a certain word directly translates to more demand for that word. Hence your apple / Apple Inc example.
Check search results for Apple Inc and Apple fruit. It will give your answer.
Google also checks what your history of search has been and your country of origin. Results are also thrown according to that too. So i guess this is your first search for fruits. Do some more fruit-ful searches and you just might get 1-2 more juicy results.

5. Antonina - February 9, 2012

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6. Cherry - February 9, 2012

Apple and Google could have done great tihngs together.. Would love to see them work together instead of competing with each other…