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MapsofIndia Surges Ahead March 14, 2009

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Growth happens during tough times too, we all know this – for those who require a substantive case to place the exception – look at http://mapsofindia.com
No downturn for this site, one of the underdogs on the Indian internet industry – the site has worked hard to reach where it has. Mapsofindia.com is now a top 200 site in India, and the way it is growing should be top 100 in next six to nine months. It is interesting to see what makes Mapsofindia.com happen – Focus. Millions of dollars have not gone in there, no massive advertsing has been done no press releases have happened and no major TV coverage – still this site grows and grows. It is not into the most happening vertical, it is not redefining the way we live our lives even not on internet, it is not a site wich is quoted for being on the cutting edge of technology – but it is happening, again it is focus.
There is a strong community which loves what Mapsofindia stands for quality maps and quality information, this community is becoming stronger and larger by every passing day. Being a niche site Mapsofindia.com is, the question I am asked often – does it have a scope of reaching to the very top – can it be one of the top 5 Indian sites? I am not sure, but the site can surely make it to top 10.
Mapsofindia.com is today a repository of maps, travel and business information.

More to come…


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