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TwitSnaps And TwitPic – A Comparison May 12, 2009

Posted by simarprit in : Twitter, Uncategorized , trackback

I respect TwitPic for what it means and what it has achieved. This comparison between TwitSnaps and TwitPic is done with the intent of sharing the features developed in TwitSnaps first. Do give me a feedback and enjoy TwitSnaps. I hereby declare that I am involved with TwitSnaps from day one and have been instrumental in its development. I also declare that I have used TwitPic on several occasions and admire it for its growth.

For TwitSnaps

For TwitPic

Parameter TwitSnaps TwitPic
Size Photos as large as 10 MB can be uploaded Size limit is 4 MB
Short url TwitSnaps uses its own url shortener to save characters Has no url shortener
Profile Creates unique profile page based on Twitter user id No unique profile page
Zoom Zoom feature, gives closer view No zoom feature
Retweet Allows Retweet of photos No Retweet option
User Comments Comments posted on photos can be edited or deleted. No Comment edit or delete option
Description Description on photos can be edited Description on photos cannot be edited
Visitors Shows latest visitors of your photos Doesn’t show latest visitors.
Popular photos Lists most viewed photos in the form of “Hall of Fame” No listing based on maximum views
Search Has search by keyword,  search by user name utility No search utility available
Sort Allows sorting of photos based on date, number of views Photos cannot be sorted.
Profile info Has Snippet info, shows number of photos uploaded & viewed No info on total number of photos uploaded by user, views.
Full Size View Description and title of photos retained even in full size Description not visible in full size. No title for any of the photos
Title A unique title can be included for each photo No title
Rating Rating system for photos No rating system

May 19, 2009
TwitSnaps successfully implemented “Rotate it & Save it” functionality. It is amongst significant differentiators between TwitPic and TwitSnaps

May 20, 2009
TwitSnaps allows you to tweet long, longer than 140 – of course some of it a person would be able to read only in TwitSnaps and not on Twitter. Twit Snaps has also implemented Post your real URL at TwitSnaps – check here http://twitsnaps.com/focussingapore

May 21, 2009
Wow! TwitSnaps has done it again – We have gone live public beta with the Create your own watermark feature – A first for any Twitter Photograph sharing website. Watermark your images and let your brand do the talking – Upload and check http://uurl.in/gxr1


1. Masni - May 12, 2009

I like to the zoom feature as it allows to dig deeper into the pictures something which we don’t usually see with pictures on the internet.

2. Param - May 12, 2009

Hi Simar,

Was reviewing twitsnaps and first thing which catches my eye is zoom feature. It’s really great , no wonder why comment above me supports that.
Also first pic i loaded to twitsnap was a high resolution image and its looking great!!

Also Snap it feature has great utility.

Great work PM!! Best of luck for this site.

3. Sanjay Mehta - May 18, 2009

This is amazing. Did not realize that there are so many great features packed into the application. I think, instead of comparing with Twitpics, you have created a product that combines many good features in mainstream image apps like Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and the like. And then some more!! Good luck. I think you have a winner on your hands!!

4. simarprit - May 18, 2009

Thanks Mani/ Param/ Sanjay,
We are working on adding and improving the site everyday. The numbers have started moving and we are confident that soon it would be rated as the finest and should become fairly popular


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6. aravind - June 3, 2009

But still TwitPic has a great UI.. Twitsnaps doesn’t!