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Facebook, Friend Feed, Twitter and… August 11, 2009

Posted by simarprit in : Uncategorized , trackback

I am glad that FB has acquired FF, to me they are exactly doing things which would further mess them around.


1. I gave up on FB about few months back when Twitterization of FB started.

2. FF was never my favorite as it always looked liked inspired by Twitter.

3. Twitter to me is my home on the web

With my stand stated so early in the post here I go with why I believe what FB is doing may make them another damsel in distress:

I have been living on the internet since 1996, I have seen many pineapples trying to be become apples and many blueberries trying hard to become strawberries and I have seen them being thrown into dustbins by the “Hybrid Masters”

I always feel that if AltaVista had remained AltaVista and not tried to become Yahoo, Web search would have looked different today. But AltaVista wanted to look like Yahoo, like FB desires to look like Twitter.

I always feel that if MSN had allowed Hotmail to be Hotmail and not be carried away by Yahoo Mail and later by GMail, the email space would have looked different. But Microsoft wanted  Hotmail to be fresh like Yahoo Mail, like FB desires to be be Twitter fresh.

I always feel that if Yahoo had remained Yahoo and not tried to become like AOL, the web would have been different and let us not talk about if AOL would have remained or evolved around AOL  how the world would have looked different today.

The same pattern has been followed by many winners and torchbearers to write their path to failure, I see FB doing exactly the same, playing with the core.

AltaVista, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Google Videos, Picasa… the list is endless and with Facebook working hard to look and feel like Twitter – the clock is ticking.

(Of course I don’t expect Twitter to blink and start looking like Facebook, but I really want TwitPic to start looking and feeling like TwitSnaps)


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