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Twitter Fixed It – Vanishing Tweets September 1, 2009

Posted by simarprit in : Twitter , trackback

It did look like a big problem to me when it happened, in reality it became very tough to cope up with my missing tweets. I kind of started loosing interest in tweeting and started wondering about how long it can last if it has so many unanswered issues. Good for me and good for Twitter, my tweets are back, to me it look like – paradise regained.

Being into this field for over two decades I have always felt that to have bugs and have errors is never an issue as long as you have the desire and ability to fix them. I am glad Twitter fixed it and my tweets are back. I am once again gung-ho about Twitter and more convinced that Twitter is bound to have huge impact on our lives, and even on lives of those who don’t believe in it as yet.


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