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Facebook is Not My Cup of Tea. It is… September 4, 2009

Posted by simarprit in : Twitter, Uncategorized , trackback

Every time I motivate myself and go to my Facebook home  – Simar, you belong here – be here!  Two minutes and two scrolls down the enthusiasm is lost. Is Facebook that bad or is it that in Twitter I have discovered something better. It looks like for me:

Twitter rocks and Facebook is a mountain faraway.

Facebook to is something which you can do at leisure. Twitter is as you move

Facebook is a task, Twitter is a break

Facebook is your $500 proper shoe where you spend time making London and Tokyo absolute equals before you bend down to tie your shoe laces, Twitter is sexy bathroom slippers you won’t mind wearing to a party

Facebook requires commitment, Twitter demands passion

Facebook is face, it doesn’t change , Twitter is a bird it is at anew place everyday

I love Twitter, but i don’t hate Facebook. I feel it would have been very good if Hewlett and Packard would have started it and been the first users. They were great visionaries and that was the age for Facebook

Facebook is a delicious triple banana shake, with extra ice-cream and whipped cream,  Twitter is a hot cup of soothing tea


1. Shilpa Srivastava - September 6, 2009

What a comparison, awesome, I particularly like this one “Facebook is face, it doesn’t change , Twitter is a bird it is at a new place everyday”.

Yes but for some people Facebook still matters, somehow those mindless quizzes,those photo sharing excites people a lot. Then again as you mentioned all this can be done at leisure which comes at a premium these days