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On Twitter – Why Not Follow? October 25, 2009

Posted by simarprit in : Internet, Twitter , trackback

I tweet and I have become choosy. Like most of us, I also started with following celebrities and thought leaders, good start to morning and good start to anytime of the day is what I believed in for several months. Now I have noticed that I can’t stand some Thought Leaders and Celebrities and I have decided to (un)follow them, here is a list of reasons which prompt me to (un)follow them:

  1. If anyone has following count  = Zero (OMG – I don’t want to follow Gods on Twitter)
  2. 24×7 auto tweets (You may be good, but I don’t want to just see you and read you)
  3. Predictable tweets and too many cliche and absurdities (Hi Tarling :) I am reading Tewspaper – one even went up to write Twabindranath Twagore)
  4. One way communicators (They don’t respond to you, they don’t respond to anyone except their pre-twitter era friends)
  5. Seldom tweeters (If they tweet once in several months, I fail to connect and create bonding)
  6. Sell, sell but never share (A good number of journalists just sell their program on Twitter, I am sorry – i refuse to watch your program, I refuse to read your tweets)
  7. Over exposure to - Social Causes (I am wearing a shirt which has been made from recycled cloth)
  8. Seeing London, Talking Tokyo (When tweets just don’t connect with the persona)
  9. Nothing beyond 140 (When they never link, never share, never propagate, never write- to me Twitter is life – it is a complete food experience and over a period I want to ensure that my each taste-bud is active)
  10. Latin and Greek (Celebrity yes, but I am sorry I can’t relate with anything you write – one  celebrity tweeted I just returned my assignment advance of X Million Dollars as I was busy tweeting and the agent was bugging me)

I would work further on this post and even name them at some point of time.

Do post your comments


1. Mukesh - October 27, 2009

hey likd dis post! evn i hd d same thought, dats why no celebrity followin, 1 or few i had bt i removed thm because of bad twittr etiquettes :) mentiond as abv…

PS: gt dis link frm @hitesh84

2. aglakadam - October 27, 2009

Hi Simar,

Good That I read this. I just got into tweeting, coincidentally had my 100th tweet posted just now…. ( @aglakadam)

Being a new comer to this mode of communication and expression, I stand enlightened by your words,

Thanks, will keep watching..

bye for now, Ajit Varwandkar, http://www.aglakadam.com