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Twenty Most Useful Indian Sites November 5, 2009

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Total of 30 parameters and close to about 200 hours of my personal involvement has resulted in one list:

Here is “The Authoritative List of India’s Twenty Most Useful Websites”

The list with one parameter and Useful Ranking is being made public with this post. The complete study/report can be shared with anyone at a nominal cost of  $25,000.00.  Number of sites studied for this report are over 2000.

Your comments and specific questions would be welcome.


  1. Mapsofindia.com which made to this list is owned by Compare Infobase Limited
  2. IndiaMart.com & ClickIndia.com are founded/co-founded by Dinesh Agarwal, I know Dinesh
  3. MakeMyTrip.com founder is Deep Kalra who chairs NASSCOM SIG on Internet of which I am also a member
  4. I have considered only those websites which are Indian in origin and deed
  5. We had a tie between BigAdda and Ibibo – we included Ibibo
Website Google PR Google PR Rank Useful Rank
Rediff.com 7 3 1
IRCTC.co.in 8 1 2
Indiatimes.com 7 3 3
BSNL.in 8 1 4
Naukri.com 7 3 5
Cricinfo.com 7 3 6
BharatStudent.com 7 3 7
NDTV.com 7 3 8
MapsofIndia.com 7 3 9
IndiaMart.com 6 10 10
HDFCbank.com 6 10 11
BookMyShow.com 6 10 12
Magicbricks.com 6 10 13
Sulekha.com 5 15 14
ibibo.com 5 15 15
Shaadi.com 5 15 16
Clickindia.com 5 15 17
ICICIdirect.com 5 15 18
Makemytrip.com 5 15 19
Redbus.in 6 10 20

Do post a comment, it is important to us:


1. Search Analytics Krishna - November 5, 2009

It would have been good if you have posted some information on what all factors/parameters you considered to rate those websites. For now it looks like Google Page Rank seems to be only factor which helped in rating them

2. simarprit - November 5, 2009

I have mentioned that it is a list of 30 parameters. Yes I can make that list public, I would in next post and connect. The reason I included GP Rank was to show what kind of connection GP Rank has with the usefulness list prepared by us

3. simarprit - November 5, 2009

Criteria of Study
1 Age Group Penetration
2 Alexa Rank
3 Back Links
4 Blog References
5 Competition Analysis
6 Content Relevancy
7 Crawled Pages
8 Data Provided by Quantcast
9 Digg/ Delicious/ Stumbleupon
10 Directory & Search Engine Penetration
11 Domain Analysis
12 Entry Barrier
13 Feedback and Mail handling
14 Geographic Penetration
15 Google Page Rank
16 Homepage Update Frequency
17 Likely Pageviews
18 Likely Unique Visitors
19 Navigation
20 Page Not Found Analysis
21 Quality Orientation
22 Recommendation Analysis
23 Response Management
24 Subdomains Penetration
25 Thought Leadership
26 Time Spent on Site Analysis
27 UI
28 User Retention Analysis
29 User Review Analysis
30 Vertical Penetration

4. simarprit - November 6, 2009

Factors/Criteria included as a separate comment. Thanks for your feedback.

5. Rakesh Waghela - November 6, 2009

What a great deal of efforts sirji ! I liked it :)
Especially the list of criteria !

Can you comment on my website which is launched on this Diwali !


A word or two from you would be a great encouragement for me !

6. Top 20 most useful sites in India - November 10, 2009

[...] India, website I just happen to come across this blog written by Simarprit Singh, co-founder of Infobase and mapsofworld. He recently released a report [...]

7. Arbindo kumar k - November 10, 2009

Your list is good but has personal bias and unexplained arbitary choices. I am apalled to see sites like bharatstudent n icicidirect mentioned but sites like cleartrip indiaplaza.in and mouthshut.com not finding on your list. Such blatant exercise of ignorance reveals non factual findings.

8. amreekandesi - November 11, 2009

A nominal cost of $25,000!? You must be rolling in cash!

9. Rohit - November 11, 2009

Hi Simarprit,
Gr8 work ! Kudos to your efforts.
I’m not sure how many of corporates/individuals would be willing to pay $25K. It would have been great if you could price it at $2.5K and manage to sell atleast 500 copies. (Its just my opinion). I’m sure you might have good reason to price it at $25K
Would like to know if you considered group of sites from Unwireindia.com in those 2000 sites.

10. simarprit - November 11, 2009

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your time and value your suggestion. However my objective is to keep the report exclusive and not make it something which just gets PDFed/ photocopied and circulated across the world as a freeware.Please send me the list of sites and I would provide an answer to it.

11. simarprit - November 11, 2009

Thank you for visiting my post and reading it. The report is an exclusive effort for those who wish to make strategies around it thus priced at that point. It i not for common reference.

12. simarprit - November 11, 2009

Thank you for reading my post. I am honored. All the sites you mentioned have been reviewed but they couldn’t make the cut. I have made the criteria transparent and you can use your measurements and I am sure our findings would match. Compare Infobase owns several sites and I have founded many which we have sold, Mapsofindia.com has made it to the list on its own merit – I won’t drop mapsofindia.com just because I should be seen to be fair. I am confident about the report and the methodology adopted by me.

13. Shrinidhi hande - November 12, 2009

I understand Google Page Rank. What is Google Page Rank Rank? Its a new parameter you’ve developed?

14. simarprit - November 12, 2009

We took the Page Rank of 2,000 websites. If two got PR 8 we gave them our rank 1 to both. If 4 got PR 7 they were clubbed together at number 3 and so on…

Thanks for dropping by and reading the post, we value your participation and interest.

15. Surabhi - November 16, 2009

I was expecting Sulekha in the list !!

16. Surabhi - November 16, 2009

Oopppss …I missed it !! It’s already in the list !!

17. BG Mahesh - November 23, 2009

Strange, in spite of having an excellent Alexa Oneindia.in just doesn’t make it. I guess we need to work harder. We will :-)

18. simarprit - November 23, 2009

Hi Mahesh! Thanks for viewing our list and your comments, I value them and hold you personally in high esteem. Alexa was considered by us and OneIndia.in is very high on that, scope of our study was usefulness and the challenge was tough. OneIndia is firmly there in top 50 and I am sure it would reach top 5 eventually, it is a great site and I am proud of the fact that I know the man behind it.