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How Well You Tweet? November 22, 2009

Posted by simarprit in : Twitter , trackback

With the growing reach of Twitter, there is also an increasing desire to know how good I am when it comes to tweeting, at least with me it is. This desire has led me to explore many new websites being launched to cater to this segment of twitterverse. I can’t cover all, but here I briefly review three of them which I visit at least once in a month.

TW – Analyst – Looks like this is amongst the early movers. The site analyzes your tweets on the basis of writing and on the basis of frequency of your tweets. Simple, no-nonsense one page analysis approach is followed. The site is focused on sharing its judgement about your tweeting. For me it says – Your tweeting is already tip-top! No improvements needed – but check back here every so often to make sure your reputation is being maintained! But it was not always like this, there were suggestions and tips which lead me to incorporate them in my style of tweeting and bingo my report card starting improving.

Twitter Friends -  Based on the basic logic behind TW Analyst – Twitter Friends adds lots of bells and whistles to make you spend more time and gives you more reasons to come back. It allows you ego boosters like comparing you with followers or the ones you are following or just about with anyone else. It has interesting graphs which tell you how selfish, greedy or sharing you are when it comes to tweeting, of course they use more diplomatic words to make statements like that. Twitter Friends has also influenced my style of tweeting I realized that when it came to replying to others or doing RTs I was selfish, not anymore!

Klout – Klout is by professional in its outlook and development. It looks most focused towards founders making money by an early exit. Interesting UI, beautiful graphs and charts and a revisit value, Klout has it all. Klout doesn’t focus on tips and tricks of Tweeting it simply works on how good you are what is your overall clout when it comes to comparing it within your circle and the twitterverse in general. Klout is not yet a self-improvement tool on tweeting, it is what it says and encourages you to move towards the right extreme corner of the graph.


1. ileaneb - November 22, 2009

Hi Simar,
Thanks for the interesting post, it gives me some food for thought. I’m not sure if it is best to use a “tool” to analyze the value of my tweets, but it’s fun to look at these things.
I don’t see a “follow me” twitter button here, otherwise I would follow you. If you want to take a look at my tweets you can follow @ileane and let me know how they measure up to your standards.
I promise to follow you back!


2. simarprit - November 22, 2009

Thanks for reading my post and posting a comment. I would include the Follow me button shortly. Thanks for pointing out.