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Follow Winners and Become One – The Twitter Way December 6, 2009

Posted by simarprit in : Twitter , trackback

Two years and one month of Twitter life has made a difference to me, and what I am working to be.

I have always seen myself as a winner, optimism and go-for-it have been consistently on the overdrive. I have been restless & naive and savvy & cautious at the same time. Post Twitter, I am wiser, following winners across various domains have redefined few critical meanings for me and this post is all about sharing my experiences of following winners. Twitter offered me a platform to understand winners better and this post is a tribute to Twitter for opening hundreds of windows of endless learning for me.

  1. Winners are sensitive, but never beyond a point
  2. Winners are candid, but only where they choose to be
  3. Winners do help, but would wait for it to be asked categorically, rarely would they change their course to offer unasked for services
  4. Winners begin with an agenda and remember that commas, semicolons, colons can come at every stage and take them in their stride. They are always watching out for periods/full-stops, forced with an unplanned full-stop, they would ensure that they walk away from the situation and would bear the cost of it
  5. Winners believe that there are times “when you can have your cake and eat it  too” they enjoy these moments and never miss them when they come their way, but they always eat quietly
  6. Winners always know that there are more from where they themselves came, and are early to recognize one
  7. Winners do have their biases, but their biases are never carried on their sleeves and seldom acknowledged in these  many words
  8. Winners do their fair share of mistakes, but they seldom drag them too far
  9. Winners know that they are obsessed with themselves, they also know that many around them know about it and are comfortable with it
  10. Winners have few dreams and they are always far between. Their dreams come back night after night and push them to convert them into reality, maybe they just dream what they want their future to be and work for it
  11. Winners never lose the sight of winners of yesterday who ultimately lost, prejudge turbulence and ensure that it remains local
  12. Winners think positive and negative, of course they think more positive than negative. Looks like only positive thinkers may crash land more often than the positive & negative thinkers
  13. Winners do take breaks, and they often take breaks when conventional wisdom says they should be sticking out
  14. Winners reward loyalists, leaders and never ignore sycophants, they use them intelligently
  15. Winners don’t mind hiding truth, they are never into tell all mission
  16. Winners are aware about “stiff upper lip” and “never explain, never complain” privileges  which come their way, they do use them, sometimes even often
  17. Winners watch other winners in their domain but avoid getting into direct conflicts
  18. Winners go out-of-the-way to court bigger winners in their non-related domains
  19. Winners trust others, but never more than they trust themselves
  20. Winners are accessible, but they would never tell the route to access them, if you find out they welcome you and treat you as a winner

Each of the above takeaway can be mapped with at-least few of the winners I am following in my Twitter account. To say that all attributes fit all winners would be an incorrect statement.


1. Suthnautr - December 6, 2009

Hello Simarprit. There is great wisdom in your words.

Thomas Wilson once stated: “Now, before we use either to write, or speake eloquently, wee must dedicate our myndes wholy, to followe the most wise and learned men, and seeke to fashion as wel their speache and gesturing, as their witte or endyting. The which, when we earnestly mynde to doe, we can not but in time appere somewhat like them… according to the Proverbe, by companying with the wise, a man shall learne wisedome.” Rhetorique, P.5

I am glad to see that this concept is still alive, and am glad that you have posted it for people to read.

2. Umesh Dhingra - December 7, 2009

Excellent write up , you have covered all the skills , qualities a winner could have / imbibe.

3. simarprit - December 7, 2009

Thank you Umesh, I just tried to grasp these traits from their tweets.

4. simarprit - December 7, 2009

Sir, thank you so much for kind words. Life is a learning and unlearning experience, I use t my post to share both.

5. sharad - December 7, 2009

Hi Simar

Its indeed a pleasure reading whatever you have mentioned.But there are different criteria of winners in different field of life.I am really not very clear that whether you have covered all those winners also or you are talking about the winners in commercial word only.

Best Regards


6. simarprit - December 7, 2009

Sharad, I am talking about attributes I have seen amongst winners on Twitter. This is a list of those attributes. I follow: politicians, actors, media, civil servants, doctors, technocrats, geeks, environmentalist, religious leaders, business leaders, venture capitalists and some idealists. Which I think is a fairly broad spectrum.

7. Shilpa Srivastava - December 7, 2009

Great post Simar. Can I have the permission to add one more point 21) Winners know what makes others a winner and they accept it and at the same time don’t follow it :)

The way you have observed the traits of each person is indeed mind boggling.

8. simarprit - December 7, 2009

Of course Shilpa, it is all collaborative. Thanks for your comment

9. Sarbjit Singh - December 8, 2009

Winners very well analysed. Mostly agree with your analysis.

10. simarprit - December 8, 2009

Thank you Sarb Ji. The attributes have been picked up from their tweets :)

11. djeet - December 8, 2009

Hi Simarp, Great post.Here’s my two cents:

Winners are winners and one cant always “get enough of them”.Will not be surprised if you continue to add pearls,every-time you discover one.

Also rephrasing point no 15. Winners are effective story-tellers,always in business of spreading viral ideas via true story telling.