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Play with Google Search and Experience ZeroG January 27, 2010

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Playing with search engines is my passion and just an hour of playing around and you start feeling that you are using the search engine for the fisrt time in your life. You get that high, that high feeling of flying something like zeroG, a bird flying higher and higher – just on top of the world.

I have experienced it before and I experienced it once again. Wondering, what was I doing? I was playing with the date command of Google under advance search and creating a time-matrix on random search terms. Google Search has a pure genius under its belt and finding that pulse and populating it with feed brought in tremendous predictability in search terms. I felt like saying Eureka!!!

Google must step up its own command language and take it into account users needs of integration of many of the advanced features on the command line. Google may standardize on a special symbol which makes command language work. If Twitter can create itself with just a smart use of # tag, Google can surely make SFO & Florida searches unite on command line with a single special character usage. That’s for another day, but my day was made with what all you can do with the date command.


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