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Day Hundred Four – SBMBW May 17, 2010

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Some moments within battles can be incredibly exciting, enjoying these moments can enliven the battleground and bring a smile on a charred up face. This moment like all moments maybe short-lived but who doesn’t need breaks.

Breaks are also necessary to go on and can be used to resolve responsibility fixation. For most stress points the responsibility of creating and resolving lies squarely on you. It is important to assign it against your name and work on eliminating the stress point permanently. You may have to give in to avoid a stress situation more than you can dream of or be willing to, but then simple question remains – what is bigger the battle or the stress points? Of course the battle is bigger than the stress points. So give in,  curse yourself, shut your eyes to the world, put hands over your ears, seal your lips tightly, blow out your cheeks and throw your head on the table and if all of that is not enough shake your head, stomp your feet, throw your hands in despair but give in and move on, and move on, and move on.

Because, some battles must be won. Because some battles must be won any which way. Because this is one of those battles which can just not be lost.



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