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Day Hundred Five – SBMBW May 18, 2010

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What is not a defeat may  not be a victory.  I don’t shave but I do understand the phrase ‘close shave’  – it was indeed a close shave today, very close. Presence of mind and the basic principle of  “to always err on the side of caution” saved what could have been a bloody start to an otherwise comfy Tuesday.  I now understand the meaning of battle hardened and the sixth sense which averts or cautions  against a lurking danger. I can vouch for that both independently and I have first hand experience.

The quality of experience is a different story. It is one experience which I would out have loved to do without, one skill without which my life would have been only better. I only wish the battle hardened self and a nose for lurking danger remain restricted to the battle only and don’t enter/ affect my non-battle everyday life.

If it is a battle, you must be prepared to be battle hardened… Because Some Battles Must Be Won.



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