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Day Hundred Nine – SBMBW May 22, 2010

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Many things in life have a ledger account, you get some and you give some and the trades get logged in, if nowhere else than somewhere in some corner of your mind. Love has no ledger account it is sans boundaries  and sans accounting principles. Love of course has excuses, which its proponents liberally use to demonstrate love’s abundance and alacrity. It is for love that countless battles and innumerable wars have been fought, most for love of, or for the beloved. Battles for beloved take the shape of all or nothing,  in battles which are for as precious and priceless form as beloved but not for beloved nothing is never an option. It is all, if I lose – I go doesn’t exist.

So, I go and I go and continue chasing that ultimate victory which would bring me back to the regular life of peaks and valleys, day and night, fun and fight, freedom and fright, I am missing it but the battle is bigger and the battle is raging on.



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