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Day Hundred Ten – SBMBW May 23, 2010

Posted by simarprit in : SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won , trackback

A lot can be done in a day, a lot more can be done in an hour, and the same can be  multiplied in a minute, but it is important to always believe in the thought which doesn’t even need fraction of a second to change (at least yours) the world. The world for  me once again changed this Saturday, I have made a quiet U-turn, back to the basics. It is going to be tough. Time, thought and decisions have created quite a cloud around me and maybe I have started believing in the merits of being under the cloud.

All battles are about thoughts and their execution, the challenge begins as my  intentions all along translate into a decision. In last few years I have taken few decisions and my firmness has been mixed, but my track record for past six months has been to my satisfaction, most of the decisions have passed the test of the time.

A lot can be done by a thought acted upon, much more is to be done by acting now… Because, some battles must be won.


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