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Day Hundred Eleven – SBMBW May 24, 2010

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Imperfections of the past live in both my conscious and subconscious mind, from time to time I turn back and start exploring my options to settle them and live beyond them. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail, success makes it easier to clear the mind space, failure further adds to my misery by taking over whatever is left of my subconscious mind. At times I have paid (what looked) unreasonable cost for releasing my conscious  mind, invariably after few months and in couple of cases after few years that cost looked insignificant.

Imperfections of the past may or may not contribute to failures of tomorrow, but perennial movement of imperfections in mind definitely does.  Whatever it takes, it takes – but it is important to bring these thoughts to an end, Because Some Battles Must Be Won



1. Sujatha - May 25, 2010

Like they say, “Old habits die hard…kill them before they kill you”