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Day Hundred Twelve – SBMBW May 25, 2010

Posted by simarprit in : SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won , trackback

Sarcasm sometimes helps, but if someone close to you is always sarcastic you need to ask yourself, why I am still there? Sarcasm puts down people and if someone is passing sarcastic remarks all the time against you, you need to move away quickly or else you would be finally put down. Battles never have anything in common, the common threads between battles are usually right/wrong, moral/immoral, pride/hurt and so on.    Nothing can take your battle away more than being in a company of a sadist. A sadist essentially is wrong, immoral and hurts you, take a break and do away with the sadist.

If there are  people who are sarcastic, sadist and cruel to you around you, they must go.  It is really a pity that an early call was not taken and you became a victim of your own misjudgment. The cost is bound to be tremendous, it is important to move far away from them irrespective of the cost. Those who get the worst out of you have no place in your proximity if you are fighting a Battle You  Must Win.



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