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Day Hundred Thirteen – SBMBW May 26, 2010

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Reaching out to an opium trader is a crime. Negotiating with an opium trader is a crime. Buying opium is a crime.  Putting it on your hand is a crime. After all this, saying that it is a bad thing and not eating it is a mother of all crimes. The way world works today, indecision is one big catalyst for  securing defeat.  Statutory sense of satisfaction is an undesired element and has no place in time and life of those who must fight the battles which can never be lost. It  is always better to be dissatisfied and win the battle rather than being satisfied and loose it. One can always say that dissatisfaction leads to lack of confidence, my argument is -  what does defeat lead to?

It is best not to have  foot in a door to a room which you are not sure whether you want to enter or not?

… Because Some Battles Must Be Won.



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