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Day Hundred Fourteen – SBMBW May 27, 2010

Posted by simarprit in : SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won , trackback

There is no turning back. The battle has been raging, the results have been to my satisfaction and I am still able to use my mind, but it is becoming very tough. Today the battle almost succeeded in overwhelming me with stress and stake.  My eyes went dry, my body went still, my lips would not move and my tongue was sealed, my hands shivered and my feet locked themselves. It was tough, all I needed  was just a hand which can hold me and get me back in control. Amidst all anxiety I exactly did that and the tears started flowing.

Not sure whether the battle has slipped or I am still fighting, I kept going, no big fight came my way and an uncertain day came to a certain end. The flame is still around and i still believe that – Some Battles Must Be Won.



1. Sujatha - May 28, 2010

Don’t turn back; but do turn around. You will find friends ready to support you – alert, just in case you suddenly decide to close your eyes and fall back. We’ve spent over a hundred and fourteen days reaffirming that the Battle Must Be Won. But what you went through today in battles where there is no reprieve. I was reading Rajagopalachari’s Mahabharata the other day. At sundown, the Panchajanya and the Devadatta would sound and the healers would make their way to the encampments. Music and food would be served to invigorate the soldiers. There would be ceasefire. But this by no means diminished the vigor of the battle the following morning.

We all need to stop, take our nights off, from the battle. Our healers, our friends, will provide us the balm to sooth the bruised soul. Music and mirth must go on as does the battle. This is the only way to survive and survival is of prime importance- because Some Battles Must Be Won

2. simarprit - May 28, 2010

Thank you Sujatha! I do feel weak at times, but I believe – Some Battles Must be won. This battle would be won.