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Day Hundred Fifteen – SBMBW May 28, 2010

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I woke up with a totally messed up mind, pondered on for few minutes and settled for giving it a quick clean-up, it helped.  To keep myself glued to the battle I decided to remind myself about my priorities and consequences of loosing the battle. I narrated the “hypothetical post  loosing the battle” scenario to myself, it was horrifying. Determined, once again, to win the battle  I decided to put all planned steps to immediate action. Few steps are giant leaps  and would have long term consequences but  was there a choice? No  there was not.

Having relinquished control over all non battle tasks I have taken the battle head-on. Now I am chasing a single word,  Victory. Victory shall be ours, because Some Battles Must Be Won.



1. Sujatha - May 29, 2010