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Day Hundred Twenty Two – SBMBW June 4, 2010

Posted by simarprit in : SBMBW, Some Battles Must Be Won , trackback

Not on top of the world, not on the mat either. Not at all happy with the way things have moved in last 24 hours. There is confusion and it threatens to lead  to chaos and worse, maybe even  a mayhem. A sad state of affair,  much avoided but encountered, unimportant has taken over the important and is dictating the agenda. Life has changed. The battle is threatening to rage again.  It is important to remain calm and focused, sudden change has dipped the morale to a fairly deep low. However, the fact remains that if the battle is not won yet, it is not lost either.

Close eyes, let the nerves relax, take strategic call, do whatever… Because, Some Battles Must be Won



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