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A Dream Called Life February 20, 2011

Posted by simarprit in : Is anyone listening , trackback

I need an introduction, I need to live

I need to move, onwards is my will.

Opposite forces pull me, and they pull me hard

Values and ethics challenge me, and they tear me apart.

Am I a painter or am I pained

Am I brilliant or just no gain.

Complexities of life, doubled edged knife

Always in doubt, life, an unending bout.

Characters change, but all play games

Games? Oh! I lost to all who came.

Deeply in love is a myth

Nuptial of sorrow and pain  is my tryst.

Admire me? Yes, so many

Understand me? Only the uncanny.

I am the speaker, of my life

Unsaid is my longing for afterlife.

Moral? it is a sophisticated abuse

Like an electric bulb without a fuse.

God! Oh God! I have an appeal

My life, this life, does not congeal.

Life has a form

Why? Why for me it is called a worm?

If life had to be this torn,

Oh God! Oh! Oh My God! Why I had to be born?

Do I have to live my entire life,

Bruised, broken and bereft of “life”

I can see the lock, it is big

I can see my grave, which I can’t dig.

Far and away from my arms, lies the calm

Not able to reach, persistent itching on my palm.

Life, this life, I just can’t tame

My veins bleed and I don’t feel any pain.

Why? Why don’t I hear my inner voice

Why? Why can’t I have another choice.

Why? why can’t I have another choice.

BTW: I am the writer but  not the narrator in this rendering.


1. Hitesh Mathpal - February 20, 2011

Great poem..
“I can see the lock, it is big

I can see my grave, which I can’t dig.

Far and away from my arms, lies the calm

Not able to reach, persistent itching on my palm.”
These words touched :). As far as I understand u, this is the real Simar.. I dont wanna say that this is a writing skill or poetic act. This is the real stuff, beyond poetry and far ahead of writing arts… Kudos ! When people like you convert thoughts in poem , wonders happen…

2. simarprit - February 20, 2011

I was just going through some random stuff on the internet and this happened. Life is indeed a touch, a touch which means different things to same people at different times. Life is a journey, of miles and smiles, of desires and defeat and so many other contrasts. Life goes on and on and on :)

3. Komal - February 20, 2011

I never knew this poetic side of you existed….impressive……:)

4. simarprit - February 21, 2011

I also don’t know, even still. Thanks

5. Sanjay Mehta - February 21, 2011

Good stuff..

6. simarprit - February 21, 2011

Thanks Sanjay

7. Sharad - February 21, 2011

Simar, i agree with what you have written but there is other side of the life which we all should try to see by ignoring/accepting this side of life.

For me it’s not a poem it’s something straight from heart

8. simarprit - February 21, 2011

Yes Boss! Boss is always right, if not, remember – BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT :)

9. rajan - February 21, 2011

Really nice thought…..

10. Shivendra - February 21, 2011

100% Correct, and nice thoughts about life, our life these days are like this only :)

11. shilpi - February 22, 2011

Very touching!! And somehow relates with most of our lives… Has so many meanings!

12. simarprit - February 22, 2011

So many meanings, yes, so many…

13. Anushka - February 24, 2011

The calm you seek is sitting in your heart :)

14. simarprit - February 25, 2011

Thanks for posting the comment