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Bharat Benz February 21, 2011

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My eyes opened to a new name “Bharat Benz” – is it real? Yes, rubbed my eyes and read the whole advertisement/ announcement and my smile kept on getting bigger. We all know and have heard it time and again that “India has arrived’ this time the smile was for a new fact,  the big and mighty like Daimler/ Mercedes have taken a bow. Thank you Daimler for recognizing and public display of your acceptance that you need India more than India needs you. I as an Indian thank you from my heart for going public with that.

Way back in 1977 multinationals in India were forced to dilute their equity holdings and change their names, it was an order by the Janta Party Government in power, Coca Cola left India, so did IBM and hundreds of others. Mercedes Benz trucks in India made in collaboration with Tata’s came to be known as only Tata Trucks and I am not sure how much but Mercedes did reduce their equity in Telco as Tata Motors was called then. What a turn around, a 100% or whatever is the max possible susbsidiary of Daimler decides to name their entry level vehicle as Bharat Benz.

I am proud, very proud of what India has achieved and would achieve in next couple of decades.  It will-  be pure delight to see Bharat Benz running on German Autobahnens and maybe the picturesque houses of Microsoft honchos on Mercer Islands (Seattle) using “Bharat Soft” made BharatOffice. Times are changing and I am loving it, which began with McDonald launching Aloo Tikki Burger has got much bigger and would even get more.

I can say without sarcasm  Mera Bharat Mahan – My India is Great.

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1. Daman - February 21, 2011

Simar, without doubt, you are a true deshbhakt. Thanks for bringing this up.

2. Anand - May 16, 2011

Dear Brother,
Very proud to read your post, feeling very happy upon reading this from another country. Let this be a motivational message to all our brothers and sisters in India. We have to continue working hard to take our nation to the top of the world. Make ”continuous improvement” as slogan in our life.