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Anna Movement – Putting the cart before the horse? August 21, 2011

Posted by simarprit in : India , trackback

Are we putting the cart before the horse?

My thoughts without any filters about Corruption and India

All of us who have ever given any bribe are part of the problem.

I know only two people who have most likely never ever given any bribe. One of them is our colleague – Rajiv Gupta Ji and the other probably, going by the spirit,  would be Shri Anna Hazare.

How do you define bribe – bribe is not only to government employees, it is also tax evasion, it is also in private sector as “familiarization tours” and it comes in 100 different ways or favors.

OK,  is Kiran Bedi clean, by what definition?

Why she did not resign from IPS when thousands of Sikhs were massacred in Delhi? Was she not aware what had happened, was she never in a position to get those who were guilty to books? Don’t tell me she never used any home-guard or a constable for her own personal use? She was part of this system for thirty years which she is calling corrupt. I am sure if Ms. Bedi was Commissioner of Police for Delhi and the Anna Movement was happening, she would have been the one to ensure that “lathi charge” and everything else happened.

The first real bribe transacted in this country was even before this country was “born again” as an independent country- when “Mahatama Gandhi” agreed to handover Congress President-ship from Moti Lal Nehru to Jawahar Lal Nehru and created India’s first political dynasty. It happened again, when Congress agreed to pay bribe to British in form of acceptance of two nation theory in lieu of Indian Independence.

If every one of us pay our taxes correctly, our moral right would shout at top of our voices, we will not need an Anna Hazare to pick our cause, the heat of our eyes will not allow any corrupt politician to exist, we will not need any lokpal bills or janlokpal bills.

Solutions are within us, let me ask:

Can we suffer for few more hours and not give those extra Rs 100.00 to submit that passport form out of queue?

Can we sacrifice a second or third or a fourth car and pay our full income tax?

Can we sit and burn midnight oil and submit all documents which are asked by government authorities for electricity, water and other utilities?

Can we stop filling fake reimbursement vouchers and deflated income tax returns?

Can we delay our journey by two days and not pay that 500 Rs to TT?

We understand that every time we don’t take a bill from a chemist shop we add to corruption, a corruption which we know costs life, can we wait for that additional five minutes for him to make that bill?

To me the problem begins from me, I am the spoke in the wheel of corruption, till I don’t resolve to take minor suffering in my stride, I will suffer majorly by this curse of corruption.


1. Daman (@DamanAnand) - August 22, 2011

Great post Simar. The point you brought forward are correct. These bills will be in ineffective unless we clean ourselves. Could not agree with you more.

2. Amanpreet - August 22, 2011

Awesome post…the questions are so true…after deep introspection i get the same feel…I , too, am a part of the same corrupt system!!
sigh…i need to improve…right here…right now

3. Shilpa Srivastava (@shilps31) - August 22, 2011

Truth when it hits, it hits hard. The nation is right now engaged in a movement against corruption, question is how? Only through a bill, then we all are in comfort zone and day dreaming we have done something great. The points which you have mentioned are what we should be asking ourselves but then again why we would do so? This is anyway going to hurt a lot.

4. Nilabh Verma - August 22, 2011

The entire system is corrupt from top to bottom. It’s almost impossible to do your work in proper manner in any (yes any) government department. Is it not strange that except government, everyone knows what is happening in the system? We were so irritate and frustrated and suddenly we got a scope in form of Anna and result is in front of us. I don’t understand, what the government can do after 15 days of Anna’s fast which he can’t do right now.

5. Rohit Dey - August 22, 2011

Its a great thought sir. My thoughts are pretty much on the same lines……Its great that the youth is a part of the Anna Haazare movement, but my question is have they self-introspected themselves? Have they questioned themselves to the number of times they have paid a bribe or accepted one? The system is not made of the govt itself, the people are a part of it. A corruption-free govt. might not be the answer to this.

6. Meena R Nair - August 22, 2011

Totally agree Simar on what you have to say. Corruption begins within oneself. First kill that corruption, then half the battle is won.

7. Yogesh Sahni - August 23, 2011

The current crisis insist us not to indulge in the discussions about what happened in the past, i agree no one is spared with the kind of corruption described above, even the countries with cleanest of the system may not be fit on the above facts, but it shall be good if we can put some pressure on the day by day advancing stages of corruption, this is the time we should express ourselves having lined up along with those who wish the system to be clean enough not to give space to the daily sighted seen of corruption at the Govt departments.
Do you disagree that at this point of time the Govt is brought to think of the statements made by there own leaders that only 10p out of Re 1/- reach the common man, and not doing enough/ anything to deal with it.

We are made the part of the system as “if wish to save time deal with us in this manner”, and we are dealing.

sorry comment gone a bit longer.

8. Rosella - September 5, 2012

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