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Yellow Billed Blue Magpie – Bakrota, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh June 21, 2014

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Yellow Billed Blue Magpie

When you get a bird – you need to know the name, right?

This bird looked very interesting, getting it on my camera was difficult, but somehow I got it. Now the next challenge was to know the name, that was not very simple. I shared it on FB and asked a few people, unfortunately I didn’t ask anyone in Bakrota, that would have surely helped, sad.

Having met with no success with naming this bird in FB, I tried Twitter, in less than an hour the bird had been identified – Yellow Billed Blue Magpie. It was identified by https://twitter.com/amabirdman – Wow! Thanks friend, this bird now has a page on my blog and part of me.

I wrote in #Hindi and my friend Meenakshi Ahuja translated it in English, here are a few lines -

Aajkal peron par panchion ko dhundtaa hoon
Aajkal peron per apne bachpan ko dhundtaa hoon
Aaj us panchi ko dhoond liya
Kal tak usne mujhe khub jhansa diya
Ab uski boli samjhta hoon
Ab uska ghar janata hoon
Ab uske saathi ko bhi pehchanta hoon…

Aajkal peron par panchion ko dhundtaa hoon
Wo pura din khana khojta hai
Pura din theekana khojta hai
Use Suraj achha nahin lagta
Sadev suraj ki vipreet disha main jaata hai
Jab tak Suraj ast nahin hota vapas nahin aata hai..

Aajkal peron par panchion ko dhundtaa hoon
Use kaya dhup lagti hai
Ya wo andhere main shikaar dhoondta hai?
Pata nahin
Jaan-naan bhi nahin chahta.
Wo khush hai
Use khush rehne do…

Mere kaya hai…
Main aajkal peron par panchion ko dhundtaa hoon
Main aajkal peron per apne bachpan ko dhundtaa hoon


Where are the birds
On the tree
Where are those days
When I was free…

Today, found the bird
Or, did he find me
Playing hide & seek
With mirth & glee..

Now I fathom
Where is his nest
Is it too late,
Times flies,doesn’t rest.
I have been away
Too far, too long
Returning at dusk
Is this my swan song…

Is his prey in the dark
Or the sun his hate?
Is it too late?
Is it destiny or fate?
Let bygones be
Now that dusk is done
Tomorrow, a new morning , a new sun!



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