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Sleep and Business July 24, 2014

Posted by simarp in : Some Battles Must Be Won , trackback

My Sleep gets disturbed several times every night, these days. The feeling that you have been wronged is almost as bad as the feeling that you have been unfairly sued. It took me a long time to get over that feeling and now this, isn’t it too much? Yes it is.
Many a times, I have found myself unaware of perils of having faith and keeping belief, only to be woken up with a big hole in my pockets and permanent scars on my brain. What it does to my heart, I rather not go there. Business and being an entrepreneur makes for a very arduous long and, at times, discomforting life. Something like, you were just about to take your first meal of the day at 6:00 PM and a crow snatched it away from you, forever, between your hands and your mouth. Hurts.


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