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Odd Even Plan – Delhi January 1, 2016

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The city of Delhi has a problem of pollution. Most have criticized the Odd-Even plan introduced in Delhi, none have suggested alternate solutions with the same or similar strength as they have used to rubbish this plan

Yes, I voted for Aam Aadmi Party in elections 2015. Yes, I believe they are trying to make a difference. Yes, I believe that even-odd plan has its flaws. Yes, I believe it is too little and definitely too late. But I do believe that it is about doing whatever can be done to make a difference. I believe that Delhi has bigger problems of unregulated developments. These problems have compounded Delhi’s challenge. Almost 70% of Delhi’s actual population lives in what were created as unauthorized colonies with politicians, bureaucrats and police accepting amounts to look the other way.  I have been to a few unauthorized localities in Delhi. There is no planning, no parks, no open spaces, just rows of houses and factories together. Most have no sewage system. There is lot of burning of waste which happens and there is lot of recycling of plastic which happens too. Now this is something which would take a huge effort to contain. Controlling cars on the road looks easier. Even if it reduces number of cars on Delhi roads by 20%, we would be back at least two years immediately in terms of pollution.

I believe that we all need to support not only this odd-even but any initiative which is taken to make Delhi better. I believe that over next two years our metro system would add at least 30% more capacity of moving people. I believe that would help. It would change the things. Delhi needs more roads, it needs tough decisions, it needs roads to be widened and it needs aerial roads or roads over roads at many points. If no new traffic signals are installed and we eliminate 10% of the existing, we would have much better Delhi.

Delhi also needs to be rebooted, and restructured, many offices need to be moved away from congested parts of the city to newer development areas like Narela. These are easier solutions, and just need the will of the government to do it.

Let us make Delhi work, let us make Delhi succeed. Let us support odd and even and whatever new comes our way. Let us make Delhi breathe again.



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