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Is Saudi Arabia Israel’s Ally? January 3, 2016

Posted by simarp in : Blogging , trackback

Just asking, is Saudi Arabia an official Israeli ally now? Why would they go ahead and do precisely what would please Israel? The only country in the world with reason to celebrate if Iran gets into chaos is Israel. Israel has never been threatened by Saudi Arabia, it kind of has always believed that Saudis do exactly as the US wants and the US would always back Israel, so it works magically for them.

It has always been suspected that Israel and Saudi Arabia, though have no formal diplomatic relations,  work in tandem when it comes to Iran. Is it the latest intelligence coordination example between them? Is it that Israel and Saudi Arabia once again felt that Iran’s influence is growing in the region, specially because of Russia playing a major role in Syria? On its own for Israel to hold back Iran is a big challenge but with behind the scenes coordination with Saudi Arabia, Israel has a chance of keeping Iran under check. After all the biggest winner of last 10 years of unrest in the middle east is Israel, let the Arabs and Shia-Sunni fight among themselves and let them just ensure that Palestinians don’t have a window of sympathy, simple strategy.

Iran has declared Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr as a martyr and has threatened Israel of what they call “Divine Revenge”. If it is divine can it be a revenge? As per Iran Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr was a peaceful cleric and his execution along with 40 plus others is an instigation with no parallel. Police in Iran delayed action to allow protesters to ransack and burn Saudi Embassy in Iran, of course it is delayed action. No police in the world can be this incompetent that an embassy can be brought down by protesters unless the protesters are supported by the State.

Next few weeks would be more about revenge and less about divinity in the Middle East theater and once again it is the US whose actions and inaction would be closely watched.


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