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US Deports Indian Students January 3, 2016

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It started as a trickle and has soon become a constant trickle with a gush once in a while and back to trickle. With each deportation over hundred dreams get smothered and innumerable nights become dark forever. Is it suddenly that the US has become vigilant? Is it only Hyderabad consulate which hasn’t been doing its due diligence right?  Is it just two universities which are under some secret investigation and students who have been admitted to these universities are being deported back? What is going to happen to thousands who are already studying in these two universities, are they all going to come back? Why is the Ministry of External Affairs not issuing a statement? These and innumerable questions have dampened new year spirits in Hyderabad and have brought the spotlight on what all is broken in the American immigration system.

Student Visa is a multistage process, it takes at least an year from the time you make up your mind to study in the US, usually two years. There are a few tests mandatory and then you can apply for admission, after you get a provisional admission you request for an I-20 form and once you’ve your I-20 you apply for Visa. I-20 comes after the institute you are applying for has satisfied itself on your need, applicability, desire and paying capacity for the course. Student Visa is no guarantee for your citizenship of the US in a few years, but it is always seen as that. Is this the real reason? All of us have heard stories about visa interviews, in one of the stories a visa officer asked “what course you wish to do?” answer was “Computers”. Next question was “what do you wish to do in computers?” Answer was again “Computers” no wonder Visa was not granted. Is there something else which is happening? Why is Customs and Border Protection doubting Visas issued by their own sister department? Is there a competency issue or is it indicative of corruption at some quarters of the US establishment? Either of the cases are disastrous for the reputation of the US.  But it is still happening.

A few weeks back there was a news that Air India off-boarded a few students at Hyderabad itself, is profiling important by the airline? Were they told to off-board? Is an airline expected to find out “fake students” who have not been identified by Visa officers? Looks like a tall order.  Over 50,000 Visas were issued by Hyderabad consulate, around 100 have been stopped from leaving the country or deported, a very small number, if it stops at that. if the investigations reveal a bigger challenge then these students may not be allowed to comeback to the US or worse they may be identified and sent back from their respective colleges and classes.

It is time for Indian Government to take this matter seriously, we don’t want to wait for a few suicides for us to realize that this is a serious issue and an immediate remedy needs to be found.



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