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Learning to write? Exclude a few words February 12, 2016

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Writing is fun;  if you are game for writing, start with preparing your exclusion lists – a list of things that you won’t use at all. Exclusion lists can change from time to time but you must define them before you get going. Exclusion lists tease your mind, challenge your abilities, and  bring forth your latent vocabulary. They ensure each of your write-up is different from the previous one.

Heere is my exclusion list for my thoughts on learning to write.  Awesome, wow, mind, holiday, rich, people, dream, top, best, good, bad, ugly, great, exciting, perfect, immediate, urgent, easy, tough, few, more, less, very, make, break, happy, and sad. These are ideas and words I shall not use.

Now with that sorted, here we go…

Learning to write is a fascinating way of presenting your thoughts to the world. Thoughts connect the soul with the body, thoughts are complex models that link numerous lines of specialized disciplines together. Human relations, Psychology, Mythology, Neurosciences, Philosophy, History, Geography, Biology and Cognitive Sciences connect together seamlessly and  construct a thought. A purposeful writer is flexible enough to create a framework which makes a thought represent itself in its completeness.

Winston Churchill gifted this world with a plethora of powerful thoughts and his thoughts have survived a couple of generations now. On success, Churchill  says, “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”.  Now this is a living thought. It is a motivating thought, one that doesn’t belittle. There is no celebration in it either. It defines direction. It encourages persistence and experimentation. It demonstrates movement. This  thought, expressed in ten words, is the starting point of a writer’s journey.

Enjoy writing.





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