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Life February 16, 2016

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When you think something and your life has some other plans, go with the plans your life has.  Rush nevertheless to finish all your open agendas and tasks to best of your ability. If some tasks become difficult to wrap-up, no worries success is never absolute, intention is.

If life tells you to calm down, calm down. Let Adrenalin rest. Be fearless but never be a god. You can’t make everything happen and a time would come when you can’t make anything happen, so everything not happening is far better than anything not happening.

When it comes to life, life is the only elephant in the room, rest all are pygmies, each pygmy has all the rights till the Elephant chooses to walk his way. Don’t fight with the Elephant, don’t fight with life. Let the Elephant do what it wishes to.

Life is like a tree, which grows best when set free, life is free  when nothing is owed and when nothing is imposed. When thunders can be heard by the roots and when giants seek shelter under its branches, a tree celebrates a life well lived. A human life is well lived when those who benefit from giving outnumber those taken support and benefit from. When wealth is generated and shared for life and world’s betterment, purpose is achieved.




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