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Death February 17, 2016

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Don’t fear death, embrace it when it comes calling. I have been brought up with this belief that, death like day and night, is a certainty and here is no point worrying about something which is bound to happen. Once you do away with fear of death, you start enjoying life in its completeness. You start seeing colors of life hitherto unknown to you and would have remained unseen if fear was still living inside.

Is it possible to win over fear in its totality? I am not sure.   I am sure that one can significantly reduce influence of fear in ones life by accepting that you are a being and you would be a has been the day death comes calling and it is just a matter of time. Once you have started with this axiom in place life is a bed of roses.

With fear over death settled, each day is a life well lived. Smile is the finest wardrobe one can wear and it is the cheapest one, comes at zero cost and never runs out and smile comes naturally, it is the soul which allows lips to be stretched to their fullest. Nobody has seen life after death and nobody can or must stop you before seeing life before death. There is only one way to defeat death, that is to live life.

Live and be prepared to go.

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