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You February 17, 2016

Posted by simarp in : Life , trackback

Unfortunately, you are what you are seen and not what you are. That’s OK. Unless you start seeing yourself through the eyes of others and living that life. That is a big time crime done to self and to all around you. If people see you as a devil, you don’t have to become one to prove others right. Similarly if people see you as God you don’t have to become one. What is important is that at each stage you should consciously work to bridge gap between perception and reality. Narrower the gap, better it is, less expectations, less disappointments, more delivery, more achievement and even more acknowledgement.

You are the centerpiece of you and that should always remain, all others can be enablers to what you are but the decision to be is yours. It is you who has to be the front of you and not anyone else. Think hard on what you want to be, live that thought, work hard to be what you stepped out to be. It won’t be exactly the same, but would be closer to the original. There would be shocks and disbelief and that would have to be taken in its stride and steps need to be taken to ensure that they become fewer and far between and eventually are eliminated fundamentally.

Moments immediately after the shock need to be controlled, any immediate reaction and action can be damaging and disastrous more to your loved ones than to you. That is the bottom line and that is where compromise must be accpeted. What is compromise, compromise is telling yourself that this is not right but acceptable. Life is to be lived not on the edge, at least not always, but has to be lived around the bridge between perception and reality.

If you are around, you have a chance of holding on and becoming what you really desire and the bridge gaps, maybe even breaking the bridge psychologically and metaphorically both.



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