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Tricolor for Unity February 19, 2016

Posted by simarp in : India , trackback

It is our Tricolor from where our National Spirit begins. Tricolor belongs to us, it doesn’t belong to  anyone else, and yes Indian Tricolor stands for unity of our country.  Hoisting Indian Tricolor is demonstrating and becoming a flag bearer for India’s constitution. It is being India.

I fail to understand why all educational institutions in our country and public institutions do not hoist Tricolor. Why just Central Universities? If you are making it mandatory, make it mandatory for all educational institutions, schools, colleges, universities and even private bodies across all education verticals.  Let us aim to cover every Indian; let us ensure that every Indian gets to see an Indian Flag at least once a day.

Politicizing hoisting of Indian Flag is evil. Imposing the idea of flying India flag is not necessary. Making it freely available for all Government institutions, State as well as Central institutions is necessary. Institutions, which voluntarily don’t go for it over a period of a year, should be talked to. Their reservations should be heard and fundamental steps should be taken to address and eliminate those concerns. India belongs to all and so does Indian flag.

A 207-feet mast may not be necessary. It will cost too much money. Moreover, government must look at opportunities for branding Flag Parks. May each campus have one and may Airtel, Reliance and Tatas contest to maintain and support that flag, the mast and the park.

There Cheers to Tricolor!




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